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American Eurocopter: Fly in comfort and style

Eurocopter EC145 Mercedes-Benz Style: Luxurious Italian-Designed Interior

American Eurocopter
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Fly in comfort and style

A custom helicopter from American Eurocopter is the ultimate in personal or corporate transportation, a time saving machine. Transport your family from home to the vacation resort, or get to the airport in minutes, not hours. Take the executive staff from the board room to the satellite office or the factory floor, and return the same afternoon. Fly over congested freeways and land at your destination. And fly safely.

Eurocopter is the world’s leading helicopter manufacturer, offering a wide product line of helicopters incorporating the latest innovations in technology, passenger comfort and, most importantly, safety. The Eurocopter product line ranges from light single-engine helicopters to larger twin-engine models, with aircraft capable of meeting most any requirement.

Each Eurocopter model is designed to be customized to the highest, most exacting individual specifications and taste. The latest and best designs with customized features, accessories and cockpit avionics are offered. To meet the requirements of VIP and corporate customers, Eurocopter offers luxury completion concepts that have been crafted by Mercedes-Benz and Hermes for the most discriminating and exacting tastes. Or consult with American Eurocopter’s design team to create a unique, personalized concept.

Eurocopter’s most popular models for VIP and corporate customers include:

A Eurocopter EC145 with custom designed club-seating cabin

EC145 – The EC145 is not just a means of transportation. Thanks to its versatile and spacious cabin design, the EC145 is suited to a broad range of travel solutions for up to eight passengers: executive transportation and family voyages to leisure and sport trips. Dress up this roomy, powerful and high performance aircraft for work and play. Sliding cabin doors make passenger entry and exit easy. Large windows offer stunning views. Low noise and vibration levels make the ride quiet and comfortable.

Ask about the luxurious Mercedes-Benz Style package designed specifically for the EC145. Created by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Como, Italy, the interior of the aircraft is inspired by the automaker’s high-end vehicles. It features deluxe materials, elegant woods and ambient cabin lighting, along with multi-function storage areas.

The Eurocopter EC135 Hermes

EC135 – This twin-engine aircraft has the range, power and payload to get from the downtown office to a mountain villa on a hot day with four, five or six passengers seated comfortably. Choose a four-person club seating arrangement and pick you own colors, materials and interior amenities. Soundproofing provides quiet space for work or use of entertainment options. There is space for refreshments and personal items. There’s room and capacity for passenger’s bags and golf clubs.

The EC135 contains the latest performance and safety features. The digital glass cockpit includes Garmin’s GTN 750 fully-integrated navigation, communications, and GPS avionics with a large touch-screen display; the Appareo Vision 1000 flight data monitoring and cockpit imaging device; and an iPad holder with power supply.

Eurocopter EC135 Hermes Interior

AS350 – The roomiest, highest performance and most reliable single-engine helicopter flying, the AS350 is a working machine. It seats as many as five people plus the pilot, all in forward facing seats with excellent visibility. It can make a 100-mile trip shorter than ever before with room for bags. Need to get from the airport to that meeting at a mountain resort? The AS350 excels on hot days at high altitudes. Need to visit three sites in one day? The AS350 will carry you quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Why choose the AS350 for your personal transportation? The performance, reliability and efficiency of the AS350 have made it the preferred aircraft in its class; the leading choice of U.S. air medical transport services and law enforcement agencies. The latest model, the AS350B3e, offers a more powerful Turbomeca engine for increased reliability and decreased maintenance costs. It comes with a Garmin G500H glass cockpit. The dual LCD-screen Vehicle and Engine Multifunction Display (VEMD), allows the pilot to check at a glance key performance parameters, reducing pilot workload and enhancing safety.

Get where you want to go fast with an Eurocopter AS350

EC155 – This twin-engine aircraft is the helicopter version of a luxurious limousine. It’s fast, exceptionally smooth and capable of covering a lot of miles. It’s quiet on the outside and even quieter inside the spacious cabin, which can handle eight-to-10 passengers very comfortably depending on the layout, or many as 13. With the EC155 cabin size there are virtually no limits on seating arrangements and the amenities you desire.

The EC155 is the most technologically-advanced helicopter in its class, incorporating Eurocopter’s five-blade Spheriflex main rotor and Fenestron® tail rotor. Its state-of-the-art instrument panel is equipped with 4 X 5-inch LCD displays for cutting-edge man/machine interface and increased safety. The fully integrated digital cockpit includes a four-axis autopilot, reducing pilot workload and easing maintenance.

The Eurocopter EC155: Fast, smooth and room for 8-to-10 passengers

American Eurocopter’s long experience designing, producing, customizing and supporting helicopters for a broad array of demanding mission applications, including use in some of the world’s harshest environmental conditions, will pay dividends for discerning VIP and corporate clients. The high levels of capability and durability built into these helicopters affords customers the highest standards in performance, reliability, comfort and, above all else, safety.

American Eurocopter is an affiliate of Eurocopter, the largest helicopter manufacturer in the world, and a subsidiary of EADS North America Holdings. It is based in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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