A Rich Man’s Guide To Dating In 2017

With all of the potential dates at your fingertips, how do you distinguish between the gold diggers and the good ones?

When I changed my job title to “Engineer” on Tinder, something weird happened.

I started getting flooded with matches, and these women were much prettier than any of the previous matches I’d gotten.

While it’s never been a secret that rich men have an easier time finding dates, it was still startling to see how many women had a sudden interest in me once my income broke six figures.

After a few dates with these new, “upper-echelon” ladies, I noticed a common denominator. All of a sudden, I was the funniest, most handsome, most successful man they had ever met.

As a reference, I’m 5’6”, 29 years old, somewhat large around the waist, and going bald. Just like I was when I made $50k a year. So, what changed?

It took a few failed dates until I realized something crucial: I was a hot commodity because of my income — but nobody wants to be chased just for their money. To spare other men from the same struggle, I’m sharing the best way I found to screen potential dates.

How To Screen An Online Date In 2017

The women who prey on rich men are good at what they do, so there probably won’t be any red flags within their dating profiles. It’s nearly impossible — not to mention time-consuming — to decipher who’s genuine based on a few paragraphs.

That’s where TruthFinder comes in.

TruthFinder is an online people search engine that pulls information from an extensive database of public records. Here’s how you can screen potential dates with this service:

Once you enter the name, gender, and location of a potential date, TruthFinder starts searching for information on them. The system pulls data from federal, state, and county sources, so you’re always getting the most accurate results possible.

Do you think she might be lying about her age, where she’s from, or what she does? A standard report from TruthFinder reveals available information on the following:

• Date of birth
• Contact information
• Aliases
• Social media profiles
• Job history
• Past and present locations
• Criminal records
• And more

When people want to hide their past, they often go to great lengths to cover things up. Just because her social profiles are clean doesn’t mean she isn’t hiding something.

Before you open yourself up to a relationship, why not utilize all of TruthFinder’s available resources? For an additional fee, a Premium Report can reveal even more information about someone, including:

• Possible associates
• Properties owned
• Tax liens
• Bankruptcies
• Foreclosures
• Professional licenses
• Weapon permits
• And more

Stop going on endless dates and just hoping for the best. TruthFinder is one of the best-rated people search engines on the market. Date smarter in 2017 by taking advantage of TruthFinder to screen your dates. It could spell the difference between a soulmate … and a soul sucker.

Great women are out there, so make sure you’re spending your time with the right ones by running a TruthFinder search today!


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