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When we study the way the environment and food affects our genes, we find out that they are a strong reflection of our attitude, and our attitude a reflection of them. Everything that chooses to be in harmony with nature will mutate, so there is no need to protect the environment or ourselves from it. Earth and its natural habitat are symbiotic, and have a much better time with adaptation than we do. We are the germs in the environment’s point of view, which is why it’s becoming increasingly hostile towards us. Plants have already adapted too, they are fine. The environment is not mutating just because it wants to, it has gone through many cycles of adaptation because of chemicals, radiation, and pollution. The current circumstances make it clear. Ideas based on problem-solving create more of the same problems. Ideas based on higher purposes, whether problems exist or not, move us forward.

It’s time to apply ancient wisdom — not because it’s old, wise and better, but because history repeats itself. Those who survived catastrophes in the past knew to keep themselves in top physical, mental and emotional condition. Yoga, qigong, meditation, diet and exercise all contribute to an ultra-strong nervous, endocrine and organ system. The NEO system is comprised of the three main systems of the body, according to Chinese philosophy. A certain popular movie used this as the hero’s name. Coincidence?

We are already mutating constantly and don’t realize it. Genetic mutation tends to have a negative connotation as in describing an abnormality, a deformity out of control. The positive form of mutation is growth and transformation. If a genetic mutation is a change in biochemistry, and genes can be changed, then all three terms can be used to describe the same process at the deepest level. We cannot be victims of our genetics, especially once we realize how interconnected we are to our environment. Foods like medicinal mushrooms are labeled adaptogenic because of their ability to handle the stresses of their surroundings. When we ingest them, they teach us to become more like them. As the universe changes, we must change with it.

We’re past the point of no return. And because we have to fight, it forces us to evolve. The improvement of our genetics is necessary. Even if we cleaned up all the pollution and radiation, the environment will not go back to the way it was, it has already adapted. We cannot fight against the universe, it’s always moving towards growth. The only constant is change, and the only way to survive is to improve ourselves and our system of medicine.

There’s only one kind of system of medicine that needs improving: all systems that are not holistic. New mutated diseases are the catalyst to toss the old system of medicine out, along with its study of disease. Wealth cannot be mastered through the study of poverty, health cannot be mastered through the study of sickness, and life cannot be mastered through the study of death. Initially, the contrast of yin and yang can teach us something, only to the extent of what to focus on and what not to focus on for the most beneficial results. In order to make real, noticeable advancements, our focus must be on how healthy it’s possible for us to be. Now we must be the highest examples of health and let our imaginations be the fuel for the benefit of all, or die by death of stagnation.

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