Placed 21st Overall
out of 10,000+ models!


“A happy yet tenacious young artist, with a restless spirit”



Zoe took 1st place in California! Both Jetset Magazine and the Be Positive Foundation would like thank you for your help in supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.



I’m a full time traveling model, artist and actress. Born and raised in New York’s beautiful Hudson valley, currently living in Los Angeles CA.

I would normally call upstate NY “home”, but given my constant life of travel, "home is where you put your head at night" better describes my address. Which is not say I’m a girl with her head in the clouds, I have a tenacious work ethic and a real passion for what I do.

I’ve been a model for almost 8 years now, and on the road for 3. I’ve been internationally featured in a wide variety of venues: magazines, books and art shows. I’ve driven on my own all over the U.S. stopping wherever the modeling dictated; cross country tours, east coast tours, trips to England, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, The Bahamas, Brazil, and Egypt. I’m constantly inspired by the places I go to and the things I see. And when I do take time off for myself I tend to focus on
psychedelic painting, acting projects and costume design But I always go back to modeling and the allure of the open road.

I’ve served as a mentor for new models; and have worked with many beginner photographers to help them build a portfolio, and to teach them the importance of creating a safe and happy shooting environment.
One day I hope to open my own unique studio/gallery/learning facility for artists/ photographers and other creative people to work and learn in.

Why do I think I should win the Miss Jetset 2016? Well, because of my jet-setting personality, my jet-setting lifestyle, my ambitious and creative dreams ... and because the hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the course of my modeling career all think I deserve it.