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CoolTrade by Robotic Trading Systems | Fully Automated Stock Trader

CoolTrade by Robotic Trading Systems
Fully Automated Stock Trader

About The CEO Ed Barsano is founder and CEO of CoolTrade Inc. [1]. Prior to founding CoolTrade, Barsano was a programmer and software design engineer for Microsoft Corp, before retiring in 1995. He also served in the U.S. Navy aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, and U.S.S Badger. In 2004, Barsano founded CoolTrade, Inc. and brought, the first robotic stock trading system, to the trading industry. The software has been hailed as the next evolution in online automated trading. The company does business in 35 countries through five of the largest broker-dealers in the world. In 1981, he married Jeanne Castro of Bremerton, Washington. Ed, his wife, and three children reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

CoolTrade Inc. is a computer technology company specializing in online trading software. The company developed and markets the first robotic stock trading system, to the trading community, and has been hailed as the next evolution in online trading. The firm was founded in 2004, in Scottsdale, Arizona, by Ed Barsano, who presently serves as CEO. It has grown through partnerships with leading industry firms including TD AMERITRADE, MB Trading, Interactive Brokers, OptionsHouse, and (Jim Cramer Actions Alerts Plus!). CoolTrade currently supports 13,000 clients in 40 countries.

Robotic Stock Trading is an artificial intelligence technology referred to as the next generation of automated stock trading. The first robotic trading system was pioneered by the CoolTrade, Inc. company founder/developer Ed Barsano. In contrast with automated systems that execute trade orders once, a robotic trader is capable of executing a user-defined trading strategy continuously and instantaneously without user intervention. The robotic trader acts as a trading surrogate to monitor complex stock market indicators and other conditions affecting trade outcomes. The ability to trade in "stealth mode" is also a key distinction between automated and robotic trading systems. As the computerized stealth-based robot is able to detect conditions before a human trader can, robotic stock trading has become increasingly popular with "Day-Traders" / "Scalpers" who rely on speed of execution to repeatedly take profit on stock fluctuations throughout a trading session.

The Only Fully Automated Stock Trading Software The CoolTrade Automated Trader monitors the markets, stocks and profit requirements for you. CoolTrade Software Offers:

  • A fully automated money manager on your desktop that easily filters through NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX stocks to find those that meet your investment criteria.
  • A powerful stock search with an arsenal of options to create your own trading conditions.
  • A smart strategy builder that helps you confidently make stock trading decisions without having to learn any complex technical language.
  • A real-time test environment that lets you test your strategies during actual market hours without risking any real dollars.
  • Access to a community where you can share, discuss, ask questions and get support from our top-notch technical support team.
  • Strategy sharingthat lets you use strategies developed for public use or to be modified any way you like.

CoolTrade Features: Easily and intelligently create a stock trading strategy: There should be a step-by-step guide to show novice traders how to create a trading strategy. Are there off-the-shelf strategies that are available for your use? Are there any fees involved or are they offered for free? Can you modify the off the shelf strategies?

Have one long and one short strategy per account: Due to the size of the online trading platform, there may be a limit to the number of strategies that you can have loaded on each account. For example, if you want to run two long trading strategies, you may need two accounts.

Choose from hundreds of technical indicators: There are literally hundreds of indicators that stock traders can use to determine which stocks to buy and sell and when. The most robust programs will offer hundreds of indicators for technical analysis, such as Bollinger Bands, and some will even include indicators for Candlestick Chart formations.

Stimulate strategies in real time before running live: Most traders would agree that they'd like to "test drive" a system before using it. Some programs allow this through "back-testing," in which the program uses historical data to execute the trades and show you what they would have been.

Automatically Execute Your Trading Strategy:
Even While You're Away From Your Computer
Only the best stock trading software automatically executes your trading strategy, even while you're away from your computer. For the rare program that has this capability, it's done based on the trader selecting technical indicators, comparison operators and numerical inputs that will activate opening, adding to, or closing stock positions.

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Cool Trade

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