Newport Jets | Commercial Airlines Losing Altitude as Private Jet Charters Pick Up Speed

Envision your next luxurious vacation. Picture the sun, the sand, the pampering and the blissful sense of relaxation.

Now think about how you want to start that vacation. Do you really want to start your relaxing vacation standing in long lines, struggling with luggage and squeezing into crowded airlines seats? Set the right atmosphere for your next trip by skipping traditional airline travel and chartering a private jet.

Private jet travel can take the stress out of reaching your destination. Imagine not having to wait for hours to check in, being able to carry whatever bags you please, and not being subject to the delays that commercial airlines face. Take your pets along with you or schedule a flight spur of the moment and not face the hassle. Private jets are able to fly with short notice or when other commercial flights can’t take off because they have thousands more airports available for takeoff and landing.

The idea of private charter travel conjure up thoughts of maintenance fees, fuel costs and other expensive disadvantages of whole or fractional ownership, but fortunately there are other options. You don’t have to own your own private jet to have all of these benefits. Increasingly smart travelers are opting to charter private jets from companies like Newport Jets.

Newport Jets is becoming the fastest growing private jet charter broker in the U.S. in large part because it’s an affordable solution to buying whole or fractional ownership. Newport Jets is a convenient option for business travelers and frequent vacationers who have grown weary with the hassle of flying—even first class—with commercial airlines. Whether it’s a one-time trip or a regular jaunt, Newport Jets works for any traveler who doesn’t want the commitment of having ownership in a private jet but still wants the benefits of private travel.

Newport Jets CEO Alex Reznik said it’s this frustration with commercial travel that has added to the growth of private jet charter travel.

“Travelers want comfort, convenience and some good old fashioned customer service, and they are no longer getting that flying commercially. We put the pleasure back into taking a flight and that’s why we’ve seen such phenomenal growth and that’s why private jet charter travel in general has grown,” said Reznik said.

Adding to that growth is the fact that private jet charter travel fits into any lifestyle. At a time when whole or fractional ownership costs a premium, NewportJets offers a convenient alternative with its pay-as-you go solution with no commitment, upfront cost or other fees. The solution makes private jet charter affordable for any budget and the service makes travel amazingly simple.

Customers have found the service is perfect for business or personal travel. It’s especially convenient for group travel and the customer service earns rave reviews.

“I use Newport Jets exclusively for all of my flying needs. They are the most reliable and professional jet charter company I have ever dealt with. A tremendous amount of personal care is taken to ensure that I have the best experience possible from start to finish every time I book a jet,” said NewportJets customer Bryan Collins.

Based in New York City, NewportJets offers domestic or international, one way or multi-stop flights perfectly customized for business or pleasure. With access to more than 4,000 charter jet aircraft at 5,000 airports around the world the options are flexible with travelers having the ability to choose the charter jet make and model for each trip. With such access to so many airports NewportJets has the ability to place the customer first making sure they get to their location in good time and right on schedule.

“My VIP clients needed jet service, so I contacted Newport Jets for help. Not only did I get a great price, but most importantly my clients received exceptional service from catering, to flight and VIP treatment,” said Wioleta Gaddy, Global VIP Travel.

In a world where public air travel has transitioned into a series of security concerns, flight delays and limited customer service there’s a better option. Private jet charter travel puts the enjoyment back in your travel plans.

“No matter what your reason for travel, no one wants to start their travel experience exhausted from waiting in long lines, being hustled to the terminal and being crammed into a seat only to have to face more delays when the plane has to wait to take off. Whether for business or vacation your trip should begin as a pleasant experience–even before you leave the ground,” Reznik said.

Experience luxury travel at an affordable price. To find out more about private air travel that allows you to pay as you go, with no commitment or up-front fees visit.

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