Be Body Co: Wellness Company Offers a Revolutionary New Anti-Aging Product

Be Body Co

We are all searching for that proverbial fountain of youth. We are all seeking a way to roll back the inevitable war that time wages on our bodies, our health, our skin. On that last note, every single day the largest organ in our body and our immune system’s first line of defense, our skin, is assaulted by the devastating effects of our fast-paced lifestyles, Western diet, chemical toxicity, chronic stress, lack of exercise, and other environmental aggressors. These factors wreak havoc on our skin, and over time it breaks down due to overload. Nearly every system and organ in the body are adversely affected, and the results are often inflammation and disease.

Cellulite, sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles are among the many other telltale signs of this phenomenon. Each year, millions of people across the globe spend billions to reverse these effects — ingesting potions, applying creams, and undergoing substantial surgeries in an attempt to trim fat recapture the looks of their former years. This is perhaps most prevalent amongst the affluent community, where people spend astronomical sums to turn back the clock on aging. Some of these advanced products are effective, others not so much, so whenever we discover one that works, we feel compelled to share.

What it is

Be Body Co is a new company that claims to go beyond simple skincare in their efforts to transform people’s lives. They pride themselves in being different from other skincare companies, as reflected in their mantra of “transforming appearance from the inside out, and outside in.” They offer a powerful-but-natural, anti-aging body-sculpting treatment that has quickly taken wellness and skincare aficionados by storm. Their DEFINE Bioactive Sculpting Cream was specially formulated to provide a unique and simple solution for the health of your skin. It simultaneously targets three crucial problems — aging, lipid accumulation, and cellulite — by using the most effective ingredients available.

How it Works

DEFINE contains proprietary botanical complexes and active ingredients that claim to provide instant results and lasting effects. It implements a concentrated formula containing advanced biotech ingredients which work in unison in an attempt to create a long-lasting restoration and help better maintain one’s body over time. The cream actively works to reduce cellulite, while also toning and sculpting target areas for a smoother and firmer appearance in the short-term, and prolonged, long-term preventive care. The nature-based product uses adipose management to expedite youthful fat reduction by targeting cellulite and saggy skin, while also toning for an overall rejuvenation of one’s appearance.

DEFINE’s proprietary biotech blend utilizes three powerful, clinically tested ingredients that work synergistically. The first main ingredient boosts mitochondrial metabolism in muscle cells by signaling adiponectin, a protein hormone secreted from adipose tissue (ie fat), and known to regulate glucose and fatty acid oxidation. Studies have found that obese patients tend to have low levels of adiponectin in their blood, whereas increased levels typically signify lower body mass indexes in patient populations. Be Body Co is banking on adiponectin as being a secret key to fat reduction.

The second primary ingredient increases citrate synthase activity by 47.9% and ATP production by an impressive 136%. Citrate synthase is an enzyme utilized in the citric acid cycle (often referred to as the “Krebs Cycle”) which works to release stored energy from cells derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, converting it into chemical energy in the form of ATP. ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is an important nucleotide that contributes to the healthy functioning of our DNA. ATP is basically a packet of chemical energy utilized at the cellular level as a coenzyme that boosts metabolism. ATP is the main energy source for the majority of cellular functions and also signals the breakdown of lipids.

The third powerful ingredient in DEFINE promotes the development of resistant, Type 1 (slow twitch) muscle fibers by 69%. Type 1 muscle fibers are used in lower-intensity, long-duration aerobic workouts and are identified with a higher resistance to fatigue. Type 1 fibers are the primary muscle fiber found in endurance athletes. By fostering their development, the cream works to tighten skin and increase muscular endurance. Each of the three main ingredients are potent in and of themselves, however, when combined, the effects are readily apparent.

The Verdict

The results we observed from using DEFINE were nothing short of astounding. After just four weeks, we noticed smoother skin, a noticeable reduction in cellulite, and improved overall tone. Seriously. Something else we noticed, each bottle of DEFINE contains a full eight ounces of cream, a definite plus compared to similar products that cost ten times as much and only give you one or two ounces. (People who spend routinely thousands on potent creams know exactly what I am talking about.) And Be Body Co promises that the results are long-lasting and preventative. They also say for best results, the product should be applied twice daily: once in the morning, and once before bed (and possibly again after a workout).

Bottom-line, if you are looking for a comprehensive, anti-aging/fat reduction product, you probably won’t find a better one on the market than DEFINE Bioactive Sculpting Cream. Its three-pronged approach to cellulite, fat, and wrinkles was extremely impressive. Factor in its relatively inexpensive price ($299) compared to similar creams, and this one is an easy recommendation for anyone in desperate need of an inexpensive and noninvasive rejuvenation. Use promo code Jetsetter to receive $100 off your purchase!