Mutated Diseases and Our Evolution | Health

In such a rapidly evolving world, genetic mutation is ever-present, and it’s only the beginning. It has created a whole entertainment industry of Superheroes, Villains, Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, and all types of characters based on a blending of human and animal.

We sometimes see these genetic mutations as distant and separate from how we see ourselves in our daily lives, but if that were true, why are we so fascinated by them in the first place?

In genetics, a mutation refers to a change in the way DNA copies itself within each cell, which leads to a change in the way proteins are made. This leads to a change in the chemical processes of the body and the way they function. DNA and RNA are the information that makes up our genetic traits, and they can be changed. All the most popular characters’ stories start with an event that changed their genetics, which enabled them to function beyond what they, as normal humans, could do. These abilities reflect the cause of their mutation. Spiderman was bit by a radioactive spider, Poison Ivy became immune to toxins and disease after drinking poison herbs, and The Incredible Hulk was exposed to radiation, which when triggered, brought out his “inner monster.” These changes required a symbiotic relationship between the alternate personality of the mutation and the original person. The integration and control of these mutations through harmony may most represent our current world of mutated diseases and the solution to them.

Harvard doctors are reporting case after case of illnesses that cannot be identified, and not many medicines exist that can effectively treat them. With the growing list of conditions and diseases over the past 20 years, we can see disease is spreading. With the exception of conditions such as restless leg syndrome, which are usually simple nutritional deficiencies, there are plenty of legitimate conditions that did not exist a decade or two ago. Why?

One major cause is actually the effort by doctors to annihilate diseases — germs and conditions such as cancer cannot be killed with chemicals, and therefore, trying to kill germs causes them to adapt; trying to kill cancer causes it to spread. If we continue our attempts in this way, the adaptations and complications will be endless. Antibacterial soaps use chemicals that are supposed to resist and kill bacteria, but it only creates a stronger strain of bacteria, which is now even more resistant than before. A stronger antibacterial soap is needed to kill the new bacteria, creating the same kind of problem, only worse. Overuse of antibiotics has created drug-resistant superbugs that cause deadly infections, flesh-eating disease and severe forms of pneumonia.

Energetic Medicine is a much more harmonious approach to protecting ourselves and treatment. By introducing a particular frequency different from the frequency of an illness such as cancer, the dominant frequency overwhelms the illness, in a sense, displacing it. This is the transmutation from sickness to health. If that frequency is already present, then bacteria or any other germ cannot take hold on our system long enough to have any negative effect. This is why prevention is so important.

If someone has a peanut allergy, the old advice says, “don’t eat peanuts.” This is not sufficient, because next week, another food can become an allergy. Then new sensitivities pop up, and a serious autoimmune condition appears. If a runner is unable to complete a marathon race, it cannot be shortened in favor of the weakest competitor. They must get stronger so they can handle the length and intensity of the race. The same is true with food allergies. The real solution is to strengthen the immune system so much, that the peanut allergy no longer exists. So the person who used to have a peanut allergy can now eat peanuts and feel great.

It’s a myth that eating only healthy food is the best strategy for health. That’s like saying lifting light weights is best for your muscles because they don’t strain them. We know the opposite is true. If your body is never exposed to toxins, then it’s less capable of handling them. It’s all conditioning. Break a bone, and when it heals it becomes stronger. Cut your hair and it grows back faster. This doesn’t mean you can get away with eating all the junk food you want. There must be a balance, and in that balance does not include substances we’re not designed to eat. The key is to strengthen and condition the body by forcing it to work and detoxify, then rebuild it with rest, recovery and quality nutrition. Genetics can be changed through health and exercise, or through disease. Either way, the result will be a more evolved species, but for different purposes. One will be true growth, which is integrative, and the other will be a protection mechanism which will be segregative.