Brette Powers

I'm a dancer who is passionate about all forms of artistic expression, modeling and the world of fashion! I work to make my goals a reality.
Representing west group eight

Placed 4th

overall and 1st in
West Group Eight

Both Jetset Magazine and the B+ Foundation would like thank you for your help in supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.


What would you do with $50,000?

If I were to win $50,000 I would use some of the money to improve my dance studio, Powers Productions, and buy new equipment for our students. I would also use the money to further my modeling career and reach my business goals!

Why should you be voted Miss Jetset?

I feel I should be voted Miss Jetset because I can be a good rolemodel, for not only the younger crowd but for older ones as well. I have accomplished many things and I want to inspire and show others they can accomplish their dreams as I have.

What is your edge over the other candidates?

I would say that I am a great leader. I have my own business so I possess a lot of people skills. I feel I have the ability to lift people up and offer them valuable advice to inspire them and make their goals come true.