An all natural, Canadian blonde bombshell! Here to spread love, femininity and a little bit of sass. xox
Representing international group seven

Placed 7th

in International Group Seven

Both Jetset Magazine and the B+ Foundation would like thank you for your help in supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.


What would you do with $50,000?

Travel! it’s been my dream to travel, experience the world and it’s diversity .. obviously while taking some amazing photos

Why should you be voted Miss Jetset?

I think I should be voted Miss Jetset because within my modelling career I’ve stepped outside the box, showing my personality and allowing my fans to relate to me as a fun, down to earth, adventurous woman. I think fun, down to earth and adventurous are qualities that would make an amazing Miss Jetset

What is your edge over the other candidates?

What make me stand out from other candidates is im all natural (haven’t even dyed my hair before) I’m also the biggest advocate for women speaking their minds, doing whatever they can to be independent and strong! I’m also very different from most models as I’m actually quite the tomboy!