Cori Kohler

I am a 24 year old woman from Minnesota, that loves a little bit of everything!
Representing midwest group eight

Placed 32nd

in Midwest Group Eight

Both Jetset Magazine and the B+ Foundation would like thank you for your help in supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.


What would you do with $50,000?

I am working towards opening my own fitness facility, but have debt I need to pay off. This would be something beyond what I could dream of to help me reach all my goals. I have always given back to everyone else, and to win this would make me forever grateful!

Why should you be voted Miss Jetset?

I am up for just about anything! I love to have fun, and try new things! I absolutely believe that humor can fix just about anything, and to never take anything too seriously. Stress doesn't solve anything! I am a people pleaser and put everyone first, so honestly a good portion of the winnings would go towards helping animals or humans in need.

What is your edge over the other candidates?

My looks don't fit my personality. I have a different body type, from natural form and from working very hard in the gym, but definitely have RBF (resting b*tch face). I am probably the nicest person there is though! I am just all around goofy and caring, and have so many things motivating me to work towards my future!