Be your own kind of beautiful.
Representing midwest group eight

Placed 6th

in Midwest Group Eight

Both Jetset Magazine and the B+ Foundation would like thank you for your help in supporting families dealing with childhood cancer.


What would you do with $50,000?

If I was voted Miss Jetset and was awarded the $50,000, I would use the funds to travel and seek new opportunities that would advance my career as a model.

Why should you be voted Miss Jetset?

I should be voted Miss Jetset because modeling is truly my passion and I always give 110%. I've been modeling since the young age of 12 and I realized it's the best way for me to express myself. While I have the pleasure of being in front of the camera, I'm in a complete state of bliss.

What is your edge over the other candidates?

My edge over the other candidates is my unique natural beauty. I can go to a photoshoot with a full face of makeup or no makeup on at all, and still get amazing images. I receive high quality images with little to no editing. I also don't conform to society, I'm very confident in being myself when a lot of people are scared of being themselves.