Help Linsey Donovan grace the cover of Jetset Magazine and a portion of the proceeds will benefit the B+ (Be Positive) Foundation which helps families dealing with childhood cancer.

Your Be Positive vote also enters you into our giveaway and you can send Linsey Donovan a personalized message after purchase.

Purchase Be Positive Votes

$1 equals 1 vote
Purchase $1000 in votes and Linsey Donovan will send you a personalized video. Limited (10)

"Reward me and I will reward you."

$1 equals 1 vote

Frequently asked questions

Can I message a model?
When purchasing votes, regardless of if an award is chosen, you will be given the opportunity to send a short message to the model (limited to 250 characters).

Can I vote and remain anonymous?
Yes. When purchasing votes, you may enter what name is displayed to the model.

What portion of proceeds goes to charity?
A minimum of 25% of the proceeds from the competition will be donated to the B+ Foundation. To date, we have donated $311,048.25 USD!

When will I receive my reward?
Rewards will be delivered in less than 3 days in most cases. Please understand that during peak voting times (such as right before a deadline) it may be slightly longer.

How do I receive my photo or video reward?
You will receive an email from us when your photo/video is available with a link to download.

Need help? You can always contact us.