2019 Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

Spectacle of Yachts will be seen at the 2019 Asia Superyacht Rendezvous

The Asia Superyacht Rendezvous is a unique and glamorous event that seamlessly blends the thrill of regatta racing with opulent social gatherings. Set against the stunning backdrop of Phuket’s idyllic waters in Thailand, this rendezvous attracts the finest superyachts from the region for three days of excitement, camaraderie, and luxurious experiences.

At the heart of the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous is the regatta racing, where sleek and magnificent superyachts compete in friendly yet competitive races. It’s a spectacle that showcases the prowess of these vessels while providing an exhilarating experience for participants and spectators alike.

In addition to the racing, the event is renowned for its glitzy social events that bring together yacht owners, their guests, captains, crews, and other VIPs. The SALA Phuket Resort and Spa serves as the exclusive venue, offering a perfect blend of luxury, elegance, and tropical charm. Nestled along the picturesque Mai Khao Bay, the resort provides a breathtaking setting for the festivities.

What sets the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous apart is its long-standing tradition as the longest-running event of its kind in the region. This legacy speaks to the event’s ability to consistently deliver unforgettable experiences and foster a sense of camaraderie among participants.

Throughout the three-day extravaganza, attendees can indulge in a range of activities, from exclusive cocktail parties and gourmet dining experiences to beachside lounging and water sports. The event’s schedule is carefully curated to ensure a perfect balance of excitement, relaxation, and social interaction.

Moreover, the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous serves as a platform for networking and forging new connections within the superyacht community. It’s a gathering of like-minded individuals who share a passion for maritime adventure, luxury living, and the thrill of the open sea.

In essence, the Asia Superyacht Rendezvous is not just a gathering—it’s an experience that celebrates the epitome of luxury, style, and maritime excellence in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

January 18 – 20, 2019
Phuket, Thailand

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