Oscar De La Hoya’s Mansion: Luxurious $20M Vegas Listing

Photos Courtesy of Theo Ayala with Indigo Marketing

Oscar De La Hoya is on the move again, this time putting his opulent Henderson, Nevada, mansion up for sale with a price tag of $20 million. This lavish property, situated just a few miles from the electric Las Vegas Strip, epitomizes modern luxury with nearly 9,000 square feet of living space and breathtaking views that include the city skyline.

The home is securely nestled within a private, gated community in the foothills of the McCullough Mountains, offering an oasis of tranquility close to the heart of Las Vegas. Designed to cater to every conceivable comfort, the residence boasts a host of high-end amenities. A trophy room, a state-of-the-art golf simulator, and a wine room are just the beginning. There’s also a wet bar, a hair salon, and a butler’s kitchen, all complemented by huge sliding glass walls that blend indoor elegance with outdoor allure.

Living spaces are generous and infused with luxury, featuring five bedrooms and seven full baths. The warmth of three fireplaces adds a cozy ambiance to the sprawling estate. Outdoors, the property excels with an infinity pool and a lap pool, surrounded by fire lounges, an expansive outdoor kitchen, and additional features that rival some of Las Vegas’ most famous resorts.

Las Vegas has long been a magnet for celebrities looking to plant roots in a place as lively as their careers, and De La Hoya’s stint here is no exception. The city’s blend of entertainment, luxury, and high-profile neighbors makes it a prime choice for those accustomed to living in the spotlight. De La Hoya’s estate reflects not just his achievements as an 11-time world boxing champion and successful promoter but also his taste for the finer things in life.

From his beginnings in a boxing family in East Los Angeles to his golden years in the sport, De La Hoya has always been a fighter, both in and out of the ring. His current venture into real estate highlights his ability to diversify his successes and make strategic moves that capture attention. His mansion isn’t just a home; it’s a testament to his life’s work and a beacon of luxury real estate in one of the most vibrant cities in the world.