Horm Plaza Collection 2023

The square has always been an emblematic place: a junction of passage and a space for human sharing of the city, an outlook for meeting and confrontation, a custodian of local historical memories and at the same time a promoter of a future with an international scope. The Horm Plaza collection features a series of elegantly crafted squares.

Innovation and interpretation are the two guidelines of a fluid design path, the one that sees Marco Piva and Horm together for the first time in the design of a Capsule Collection with an Italian soul and a cosmopolitan style, transversal in the different contexts of living.

Fabio Melcarne, owner and CEO of Horm, says: “We met Marco Piva post Covid pandemic, when we were wondering in which direction consumer preferences would go in terms of furnishing the home and public spaces… To feel a bit at home in a hotel lobby or during a friendly evening at a restaurant is the goal with which SMP designed the Plaza collection. We think the result is definitely successful, and we are sure that the market will reward this new collaboration with Horm.”

The Horm Plaza collection represents a metaphorical journey through European capitals, reinterpreting their most iconic cities. It consists of consoles, tables, chairs, cabinets, and writing desks. It’s designed not only for the home, but also for dynamic office spaces.

“Marco Piva, Italian designer, says, “Being comfortable in a place and sharing it is what makes it unique and special. This collection is a journey through elegant shapes that links and designs the cosmopolitan living of tomorrow, adapting to the most different contexts”.

The combination of excellent quality materials such as fabrics, woods and metals gives life to harmonious furnishing elements. The Horm Plaza Collection features the unmistakable signature of Italian  design, blending in with contemporary living spaces, from residential to hotel.

The fine finishes are told in soft, flowing lines, making every room cozy and pleasant, thanks to a design that blends aesthetics and functionality.

Just like squares, places of widespread sociality, the new Horm Plaza Collection products interpret private and public conviviality spaces by creating connections with their surroundings: a new interpretation of urban living, with its infinite facets.

The Products In The Collection

Vendome Chair

The Vendome Chair like the famous Parisian square stands uniform and symmetrical. A light profile with soft lines for an enchanting circular seat. An enveloping, suspended backrest that like the stone of a jewel is supported by the entire metal frame of the seat.

Concorde Chair

The Concorde Chair stands as broad as the square from which it takes its name. It’s a comfortable seat, thanks to its full backrest., along with an armchair that is fluid in form and exquisite in finish. The circular metal section forms the basis for the regular cushioning and the outer raw metal legs.

Alexander Table

The personaliyu of the Alexander table lies in its die-cast metal legs. Theycan be assembled in different ways and consist of two elements plus a Y-joint.  A joint of joints like the Alexanderplatz in Berlin. These come in four different sizes, and even the top can have different finishes from marble to metal to back-painted glass.

Trafalgar Table

The Trafalgar Table is available in two sizes, and it consists of a top with rounded corners and a wooden base. It has with metal inserts as powerful as Admiral Nelson’s famous column in London. This parallelepiped sits on a support plate, also metal, with a quadrangular shape but with fluid angles that seems to illuminate the entire structure.

Marien Table

The sturdy Marien Table combines an imposing base, a truncated cone clad in steel, with a light black polished glass top. The base of the glass is perfectly enshrined in its center, allowing a subtle perimeter edge to emerge, like the Marienplatz enshrined in the heart of Munich.

Dam Cabinet

The Dam cabinet, rectangular in shape like the famous square in Amsterdam, features wooden doors in various finishes, such as black ash, with a folding opening, which can be separated by a central drawer in the Low version that conceals an additional storage element. The metal part follows the entire low perimeter of the cabinet and ends in four feet at the outer corners. The Dam cabinet collection is enriched with additional elements of different sizes, such as the buffet cabinet and the bar cabinet.

Mayor Low and High Cabinet

The Mayor cabinet is available in both Low and High versions. It’s supported by two symmetrical legs with soft lines metal lines, joined to the piece underneath only at the sides. The large central top, like the famous Spanish square, is slightly recessed and has a side edge that softens the entire large structure.

Imperio Writing Desk

The Imperio Writing Desk is a tall desk with a top that can be enhanced with a variety of fine finishes, such as marble or back-painted glass. A central drawer divides its side symmetry. It rests on long metal legs.

Imperio Console Table

The Imperio console table is inspired by the recttangle of the same name in Lisbon. The console table runs long in its delicate and elegant structure. The top, which contains different materials, has rounded corners and is symmetrically supported by long champagne metal legs.

HORM @ Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2023

Milan, 18 – 23 April

Hall. 4 – Boot H8

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