Blockchain Brand Awareness: NFTs Reshaping the Marketing Landscape

NFTs have quickly become one of the most popular blockchain-based trends. Non-fungible tokens were widespread in 2021, some selling for millions of dollars with prominent companies, individuals and brands like Gucci, Adidas, Tom Brady, and Visa all participating in the new NFT economy.

NFTs offer a fresh and unique way to showcase your brand’s mission in the digital sphere, providing new methods of consumer and community engagement. As credentials of authenticity are often standard practice when purchasing high-priced items like artwork, antiques, and collectibles, NFTs work as cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. A simple analogy is to consider them a form of proof of digital authentication. By leveraging this new form of stored value within digital artwork, brands are attracting new audiences and relevant consumers to their products, services, and overall mission.

One such brand that is finding success utilizing NFTs to raise awareness for their mission is Winch Design, in partnership with Boat International and Cloud Yachts. Winch Design has issued its first ever batch of artwork NFTs with all proceeds supporting ocean conservation. It’s the world’s first yacht NFT to raise money for this important cause.

The Message in a Bottle collection by Winch Design consists of three extremely diverse graphics. The topic among these NFTs is B.O.B. (Bio Observation Bottle) and oceanography maritime exploration pods.

The first piece of the Winch Design artwork trilogy focuses on the bottle itself; the bottle-shaped exterior represents plastic waste throughout the ocean waters, whereas the circular interior core represents Earth and the obligation to preserve it. The second piece in the collection depicts B.O.B. atop an oil tanker to signify the transformation from a toxic, fossil fuel-dependent world towards a cleaner prosperous approach to our future. The third and final piece of NFT art reveals B.O.B. getting lifted by HALO, an aircraft idea designed by Winch Design.

HALO is by far the most environmentally friendly method for transporting B.O.B. to the seas, as it’s propelled utilizing energy from the wind. When HALO reaches its destination, it descends and begins clearing the ocean of plastic debris, and simultaneously producing power via the engine atop the vessel.

Cloud Yachts, the pioneer in the NFT yachting sector, will facilitate this NFT auction, and all profits will be donated to Oceans Without Borders and Yachts for Science. It’s a statement to the global community about the significance of environmental oceanic stewardship.

Recognizing this digital medium as a new style of storytelling and communication has a big effect on positive brand recognition as consumers get to obtain a piece of your company or organization’s history.

Creating digital copies of your brand’s particular items and minting them as NFTs is another option to increase awareness using this new technology. Your company can even generate and experiment with new items that have yet to launch in order to test their viability and determine whether they will be a success in their intended market.

NFTs enable companies with exceptional content and digitalized goods to establish hyper-distinctive experiences on NFT powered platforms. Moreover, they provide the optimal entryway for businesses to easily scale and extend their marketing-messaging across developing metaverses.

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