Bunkr: ENTER Founder Zev Norotsky Launches Survival Essentials Brand

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, experiential marketing expert and entrepreneur Zev Norotsky has launched the lifestyle brand Bunkr, created to educate and ultimately provide survival essentials and gear, aimed at keeping consumers fully prepared for emergency situations.

As one of the foremost cultural marketers in the country, most known for his brand incubator entity ENTER, Norotsky has launched a wide range of investments in startups across the hospitality and consumer products industries over the years.

He comments, “ENTER has always been a brand incubator at the forefront of culture and whether it’s on behalf of one of our major brand partners like AB InBev, AT&T, lululemon or ultimately ourselves, we aren’t about to let this crisis keep us down.”

Why launch Bunkr now? Norotsky continues, “The reason why is simple. Even though my industry has been shut down, I still want to work and I feel a deep sense of obligation to my team to keep them motivated during this extremely trying time. It made sense to put our skill set to use and work towards something people need and for a cause that anyone and everyone can get behind.”

With events nationwide currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norotsky had the immediate idea for the concept, outlined the elements, collaboratively designed the product, secured partner brands to come on board with this niche yet essential box, and is now in production.

Bunkr’s first offering will be delivered in the form of a sleek, modern footlocker complete with over 40 curated essentials, after which subscribers will receive exclusive product offerings, refills and additions, based on seasonal or emerging concerns. The initial offering will include such necessities as a canteen, hand sanitizer, face masks, flashlight, first aid supplies, survival blanket, universal charging cable, multi-functioning pocket knife, solar power banks, sustainable food items, sterile rubber gloves, and much more.

Norotsky adds, “First and foremost, this is about a mindset and a cultural shift that needs to happen. Moving forward, I believe in preparedness and think the new paradigm will reflect a commitment to education and stockpiling the essentials needed in time of crises. As a marketer who has spent his entire career analyzing trends and ripples in culture, this felt like a truly authentic and obvious way to leverage our skill set and give back.”

Bunkr is available online at $249 US and includes the limited Bunkr branded footlocker and one complimentary edition of the supplemental service, with subsequent boxes available at $49.

A percentage of sales will be donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to supporting food banks and pantries across the country while continuing to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have the food they need.

During this unprecedented time in our country, Americans are quickly learning the importance of preparation. Bunkr is designed to provide a proactive solution that anticipates potential needs via a long term commitment to awareness, education and seasonal home delivery of best in class survival needs. It’s designed with an appeal to the savvier consumer who has a continued interest in learning about new products that can help them in times of need, while serving as the de facto lifestyle essentials kit for the home.

Bunkr is currently getting ready to ship its launch product to Americans within the next 30 days. The official site www.bunkr.club is live and customers can join the waiting list for domestic orders. Plans to expand product offerings and to distribute internationally are also in the works.

In addition to serving as CEO of the award-winning experiential events agency, Norotsky also recently opened Agency Coffee Co., a ‘grab and go’ coffee window located in the bustling Melrose Avenue district of Los Angeles.

“I think it’s important to do what you love and our passion is building brands,” he concludes. “When faced with the inability to do that for our clients, we turned inward and made a conscious decision to put our talents to use developing something the majority of people will need in perpetuity, while also raising money for a great cause.”

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