Inspired Missions – Vision and Clarity Lead to Greater Success

Are you inspired by your business? Are you on a journey to serve and fulfill your inspiring business mission? Do you have an inspiring vision that could expand your market share throughout the world?

Inspired lucidity is one of the most powerful mental states known. The overall collective inspiration within any business is directly proportionate to how vivid the leader’s vision is, and how articulate their mission statement can be expressed down through the management ranks to those in the trenches that produce and serve. If you were to ask any plateaued business leader to tell you where they are taking their business and they were to hesitate, even for a second, and be unable to fluently and congruently articulate their answer, this is an indication that their business mission and vision statement is not concise, sound and clear.

If your intention is to build a magnificent global business, but you don’t have the necessary sustainable drive and power that comes from a clearly inspired, fluently expressed, business mission and vision statement, you will probably experience great challenges while attempting to achieve your aim. When I once consulted for a leading corporate visionary, a man who owned a football team and five major corporations, I asked him about the state of his business mission and vision. At one point, as we sat in his corporate boardroom and I helped him further refine his mission and vision, it suddenly became so crystal clear and inspiring to him and all other people concerned, that it made him well up inside. At that moment, he looked up and saw in his mind’s eye exactly what he would love to create and precisely how he intended to do it. He then fluently articulated it with a high degree of congruency to his primary executive teams, and was able to have it executed with clarity and precision over the months that followed.

Each business provides some form of products, services or ideas (PSIs) to those in the market that it is dedicated to serve. Collectively, those individuals working within the business must be inspired by the opportunity to share such special PSIs, and feel gratitude, love and enthusiasm for doing so. It’s essential for the growth and development of any continually-emerging business. It takes no effort for me to share from my heart what I love to share most, my products, services and ideas, with the world. I don’t need outside motivation to get up in the morning to do what I love and what I am inspired to fulfill. It is my mission. A business that does not have that type of love, appreciation and enthusiasm for providing their products, services or ideas, will not explode or grow their market share as much as they could if they had clarity of vision and the congruency of an inspired and heartfelt mission.


Intellectual, marketing department composition which sounds slick for social or public marketing purposes. It is a meaningful statement derived from the core of the business leader’s heart. A true business mission statement is about what the leader is dedicated to, what they are inspired to accomplish and what they feel they are in business to fulfill. Your business mission statement has to have heart and soul. You will know when you have captured such a statement, one that reflects the true essence of your business, when you well up inside with tears as you read it. You will feel it deep inside your innermost being. It is what you desire to accomplish most. It is what you spend your waking hours and concentrated thoughts on. It is what you envision and dream about daily. Your inspired business mission expresses the essence of your highest values in life. It is the magic ingredient that will make your business magnetically grow.

“I don’t need outside motivation to get up in the morning to do what I love and what I am inspired to fulfill. It is my mission.”
I have spent 41 years refining my personal mission statement and 31 years polishing my business mission statement, which I still read and refine periodically even today. It brings tears to my eyes when I read and share it. It clearly demonstrates what I am committed to and what I am inwardly all about. The clarity of your inspired business mission and vision is what will allow you to spread your business across the globe. It is worth taking the time to probe into yourself and discover your true reason for being in your business. It is the clarity of such an inspired mission that will determine the power and vitality of your business expansion. Your inspired business mission statement will require periodic reviews and refinements to keep those working in the business sustainably aligned with it.

Again, your business mission statement is not meant to be some idealistic statement that is meaningless to the people that serve. No, one of the most important actions essential in building your global business is your clear, heartfelt and driven mission, one that evokes a state of certainty and inspiration in all those concerned. Your business mission statement must originate from the core of your heart and designate what you and your teams are truly and deeply inspired to bring to the world.


As a great business leader, it is wise for you to compose an inspired business mission and vision statement that will awaken vitality, intensity and power in all those you serve. Your powerful business mission statement will express your inner most dominant thoughts and deepest inspiration and it will originate from the very essence of your being. The degree of inspiration and enthusiasm that will permeate your business will be directly proportionate to the vividness of your vision and congruency of your mission.

When your business mission and vision are crystal clear and resonant with your market, your business will surge with power and your management teams and workers will be able to naturally express the four cardinal feelings that inspire spontaneous business growth. They will become grateful for their careers, love what they are doing, be inspired by your business mission and vision and enthusiastically serve.

Inspired business visionaries with clear missions hold the world in their hands and imagine looking down from a greater celestial sphere and inwards toward the world so as to be able to serve from a greater perspective. As a leader, by extracting out of your mind and heart a truly inspiring business mission and vision statement, you can inspire all those working within your business to know why they are serving, what they are working towards and the reason for maximizing their productivity and business profitability on a global —or soon, celestial — scale.


About The Author

Dr. John Demartini, one of the world's leading authorities and educators on human behavior and leadership development, is the founder of the Demartini Institute, which offers an extensive curriculum of more than 76 courses on self-development, life mastery and leadership. Demartini's knowledge is the culmination of 46-plus years of cross-disciplinary research, and he travels internationally full time, addressing audiences in media, seminars and consultations. He is the author of more than 40 self-development books, including the bestseller The Breakthrough Experience, and he has produced numerous audio CDs, DVDs and online programs discussing financial and business mastery, relationship development, health and healing, the art of communication and inspiring education and leadership. Demartini has been featured in film documentaries such as “The Secret,” “The Opus,” and “Oh My God” alongside Ringo Starr, Seal and Hugh Jackman. He has also shared the stage with influential educators Stephen Covey, Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Steve Wosniak, Tony Fernandez and Donald Trump. He has appeared on “Larry King Live,” “The Early Show” and “Wall Street,” as well as in the publications Shape, Leadership, Success, Prestige, Entrepreneur and O. For editorial consideration, please contact editor@jetsetmag(dot)com.

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