Take Control of Your Retirement Savings

Shouldn’t you control the investment decisions?

Created in 1974, self-directed IRA’s have been available for investors as a wealth building vehicle for savvy portfolio managers.  Technically, a self-directed IRA is not dissimilar from an IRA (or 401k).

There are significant IRA benefits with this investment vehicle such as: tax deductions, estate planning and tax-free profits. In addition, and unlike a traditional IRS or 401k, a SD-IRA allows you to build wealth for a portfolio through real estate investments, private placements, tax lien certificates, notes etc.

Keep in mind with a self-directed IRA, the account holders – not the plan administrator- make the investment decisions allowing control regarding the placement of funds.

Wealth Building through Real Estate

We know there are trusted investment advisors who have not heard of or deal with self-directed IRA investment vehicles. It is not uncommon as money managers explore alternatives to assist their clients in increasing wealth may not have the experience or completed the researched needed to stay within IRS guidelines.

At TCCT we are specialists in converting clients’ existing retirement accounts into SD-IRAs and qualifying clients for Non-Recourse Loans. With a Non-Recourse Loan the investment is used as collateral, therefore the risk to our client’s assets is minimized. In case one defaults, none of the client’s assets, nor the IRA funds, can be touched.  With this structure in mind, clients can use these borrowed funds, to invest in various real estate investment projects.

Gone are the days of a life-long pension solution.  We will always experience volatility in the stock market, shifts in economic growth, and international trade corrections as well.  Utilizing your SD-IRA portfolio on projects you are able to physically see and watch in development is an exciting part of our wealth program.

For more information about the Self-Directed IRA program or the Non Recourse Loan program, please contact Chris T. Delaney at (914) 525-0250. To learn more about Treasure Coast Capital Trust, visit www.tccapitaltrust.com.

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