Turn Your Assets into Income

IncomePlus – How Multifamily Real Estate Can Help Protect Your Family Wealth.

By Michael Episcope, Co-CEO and co-founder, Origin Investments

Investing is more than a financial transaction. It’s about enabling you to do what you enjoy and build a family legacy. I began investing in real estate to protect and grow the wealth I built in my previous career, but I found investment opportunities to be mediocre at best. Sponsors were more interested in making my money their money while exposing me to extraordinary risk. My business partner, Dave Scherer, and I co-founded Origin Investments to change the industry by empowering investors to truly realize the benefits of owning real estate.

Passive Income While You Sleep

Financial freedom is about having your assets work for you by generating passive income, something I believe no asset class can do better than real estate. Long-term property leases act like a series of bonds that create stable income for the property owner. Plus, appreciation is realized as leases are renewed at higher rates—key to protecting capital from rampant inflation. But not all real estate is created equal. Origin only invests in the multifamily sector because apartments are a lower-risk, need-based asset class and a proven hedge against inflation. However, there’s a difference between knowing what to invest in and how to make money. Making consistent returns in multifamily real estate begins by investing in cities with robust population and job growth and investing with a manager with a proven track record.

Origin’s IncomePlus Fund was designed to deliver both growth and income by investing in multifamily properties in Sunbelt markets. This all-weather fund invests in debt, common equity and ground-up development to both reduce volatility and maximize returns. Dave and I designed it to generate more wealth with lower risk than other vehicles, which is why we’ve invested millions of dollars of our own personal capital in this fund.

Given the unique needs of investors, we understand the IncomePlus Fund is not for everyone. Credit funds are another way to earn passive income because they invest in the more protected part of the capital structure and their returns are generated through contractual income rather than the promise of future growth. The Strategic Credit Fund, offered through our affiliate firm, was designed to deliver stable monthly income to its investment partners by investing in debt collateralized by multifamily properties. I believe that today’s high interest rate environment, combined with the safety of multifamily, make this fund another option for income-seeking investors to seriously consider.

Your Wealth, Your Way

Dave and I have always offered this advice to investors: Ask tough questions, work with an experienced team, and seek advice that fits your unique situation. This way, you can focus on things you truly enjoy, knowing that your wealth is protected for the next generation.

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