YM Systems: Your Collateral Backed, Fixed Earnings Alternative


Unpredictable Stock Markets.
Global Turmoil.
FX Instability.
Low Bank and CD returns.
High Maintenance Real Estate.
New Regulations.
You worry.

You’re up at night, you worry about your holdings. You are tired of managing each and every aspect of your investment. You’re tired of playing games with your Investment Adviser or Financial Planner and lining their pockets instead of building your wealth. Liquidity is a constant issue, and you are plagued by selling decisions and restrictions. You have constant question marks regarding buy-sell timing and most of all….global market concerns.

Like most people, whether you are wealthy or just want to be secure, you need something in your portfolio you don’t have to worry about or maintenance. You realize it is important to have Income you can plan on, that is protected against market forces and has security measures built in to protect your investment. You have looked for income alternatives that are predictable and remove many of these risks, but have been disappointed by the yields, or actually the lack thereof. You are concerned that Bonds may default. You may not want to purchase an annuity that has no future return of principal and can be substantial in risk. Your answer may be right here.


“YMS provides lower risk, asset based, collateral backed revenue streams that are flexible and provide fixed income.”

Helping others with your capital while achieving income

It’s tough these day to make money and feel good about where your money is going. That’s not the case with Yield Management Systems, Inc. We help others by refinancing extremely high interest “title” loans into affordable payments that reduce their debt burden by up to 50%. We have helped handicapped persons, retirees, veterans, single mothers, business owners and displaced workers keep their vehicles.

We have stopped over 20 repossessions dead in their tracks, and have even bought out vehicles from repossession in hardship circumstances. There is nothing more moving than having someone actually break down in tears of thanks when they had no one else to turn to and you saved the day. That’s what your money can do, if you put it work with us. We follow that up with a communication based humanitarian policy that has increased loyalty, improved payment history and increased referrals. Our internal repossession rate is less than 5%. Our loyalty is over 90%.

This High Yield Investment opportunity is limited

We are being honest.  This is not a sales pitch. We are not trying to put undue pressure on you, but this opportunity is limited. We are closing in on an internal marker whereby we will be able to access low interest capital and will be filing for registration as an asset backed security. Once this is accomplished we project that the higher interest opportunities we are offering will diminish, as the cost of capital will be lower to us.

ymsarrowdownpic (1)Why Act Now

Right now you can purchase revenue generating assets that provide asset protection, reporting and monthly or quarterly fixed income.

Yield Management Systems, Inc. has the answer for you.

  • Earn over 14.5% based on amount invested and redemption
  • All investments collateral backed and asset based
  • YMS purchases and restructures existing revenue streams in Auto Title loans
  • YMS saves consumers money and is a customer friendly entity
  • All assets are insured and we are the legal lien-holder of a federally recognized asset
  • (IRA Qualified) Reporting and Accounting processes are transparent and monitored by third parties, including the IRS and a licensed Broker Dealer. 

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold. To give you the investor a reasonable and fair return on your capital and to help a distressed consumer. Yield Management Systems, Inc. and its subsidiaries represent a fiscally responsible company that purchases and restructures Auto Title loans for distressed consumers. Through the improvement and repositioning of these assets, YMS also contributes to the economy by reducing payments made by debt laden customers. This frees up much needed capital to a down trodden economic sector. Our mission is to help these people down a path that will get them to understand and manage finances in a clearer light.

Our Business (Your money on a mission to help others, help themselves)

We are in the business of purchasing aged auto “Title Loans” so that we can achieve returns and bring flexibility to challenging situations and protect our investors. Title loans are a multibillion dollar business here in the USA. Many people are forced into a bad situation and need emergency cash. This industry thrives on the borrower continuing to refinance over and over, never getting themselves out of debt. Yield Management Systems Inc. has programs in place that end this cycle of never ending payments. By investing with Yield Management Systems Inc. you are truly “helping others help themselves” and reducing heavy debt burdens in challenged economic sectors.


  • Yield Management Systems Inc. ends this cycle of never ending payments by replacing this interest only loan with a consolidated payment structure.
  • Our payment programs significantly reduce the debt payment, and extend out the payment time frame using a traditional format, so that principal reduction is achieved on every payment.
  • This allows our customers to make affordable payments that is, in most cases, a 30-45% reduction from the original title loan payment.
  • This gives the customer relief and also affords us a high yield scenario for our lending solution.

Our Philosophy

High returns combined with good works and a stable business model. We believe in what we do for all parties. Yield Management Systems has proven it can transform people’s lives while averaging above market returns. Our goal is to reposition a negative situation into a positive one for everyone involved. YMS assists car owners in understanding their alternative to refinancing their never ending Title loan, or worse, repossession. By maintaining principled underwriting supported by a human touch, we lower default rates, increase customer loyalty and insure customer responsibility is maintained. We also provide investors a return that is fair and collateralized.

If you are interested in an asset based, high-yield, fixed income, out of market investment that pays monthly or quarterly please contact us.

Call: 844-YieldNow (844-943-5366)
Email: [email protected]
Visit: www.yms.systems

This advertisement is promulgated under Rule C (506D) CIK # 0001625969, File Number 161448165. SEC rules and regulations apply. An offering prospectus will be made available to qualified accredited Investors. SPV’s are available for Family Offices, Funds and Individuals investing over $500,000. Placement conditions and earnings vary according to amount and term. A Minimum investment of $25,000. is required with a $5,000,000. Maximum Purchase allowed.