Avant-Guard Artist | David Whitney Douthat

David W. Douthat (dowthit) is a native of California who has been painting for over 30 years. As Fine Art major at Sonoma State University he found Wassily Kandinsky who is regarded as the father of Abstract Art and has been David’s greatest inspiration.

Kandinsky in 1911 wrote a book “Concerning the Spiritual in Art” which explains the concepts that lead to abstract painting in the modern era.

The beauty art gives the viewer is a mental experience that is unique to each individual. A yellow circle may represent the sun to someone, to another it may be a sign of caution, another may see it as a warm spirit. This is what inspires David as he never knows what someone else will see in his Art.


The Avant–Guard postulates a platform of new creativity for our culture. This platform exists because the spirit uses its mind to control the body to create art for you to experience. Expressing the soul of nature and humanity was the purpose of the new art movements before World War 1. It was then that the mental health dogma said that man is only an animal, and must be treated like one, and thus ruined the spirituality we all shared. The fact that man makes Art disproves this suppressive dogma, after all what would an animal do with Art?


Artists have for centuries have been expressing the spiritual nature of man and David strives to continue that tradition. His experience in drawing and working with others enables him to do commissioned work in realism as well. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each of us has our own unique sense of it .The Avant-Guard brings us new beauty with the hope that the world can be a more beautiful place.

David W Douthat
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