Brenda Williams Fine Art

“Gerle Creek Sundown”, Pastel, 23” x 17”

“Whether I’m walking through the Irish countryside or haggling at a Turkish spice market, I record the whole, true experience through my paintings.” Brenda Williams, says.

Brenda Williams is a native California artist who has had a lifelong and global involvement with art. During a 14-year period of living in the Middle East and traveling extensively throughout Europe and the Far East, she found inspiration in sharing her unique experiences through paint and brush.

For over two decades, Brenda has studied under diverse prominent artists, leading to a mastery of different mediums and styles.
” My biggest passion in creating art, is expressing the feeling of the moment and to invoke the all the senses”

“I want my art to add beauty to people’s lives. When a person wakes up in the morning and looks at my painting on the wall, I want it to create a feeling of joy or a memory of a beautiful place they once visited. Perhaps a place they would love to see one day, or maybe even a tree they would love to sit under with their grandchildren.”

“Even as a child, I felt that beautiful paintings were a sort of refuge of the mind. A place to escape to. A place to start dreaming.”

You are welcome to contact the artist with any further questions or to view her studio.