Harry A. Rich, Vermont Painter

Vermont painter Harry A. Rich spoke with Jetset to discuss his passion for art and what inspires his paintings.

“My paintings are children of the New York School. They strive to carry forward that uniquely American heritage.”

“I work principally on the margins of what I already know about paint and painting, searching for what I don’t know.”

“Paint, not literal images, is the talisman in this work. It may become a carrier of emotion and small joys. It may evoke the unique poetic and meditative capacities of viewers. One can hope, anyway.”

“The paintings, intentionally, do not have a consistent style because I let the paint guide me, not some preconceived image.”

“As the former New York Times Chief Art Critic, Michael Kimmelman, wrote in 1999, ‘Making music is a way to connect with the divine.’ I would add: (as in painting).” Michael Kimmelman, New York Times, August 8, 1999