Kirsten Kokkin Sculpture Studio

Some artists will always see it as their task to measure themselves against the greatest in art history.

Thus, they set their sights higher than do many other artists. Kirsten Kokkin belongs to the group that strives towards the best in art history. Her work reflects the European tradition of figurative sculptors, such as Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin and Gustav Vigeland. Despite close ties to history, however, she has managed to create her own position with her detailed and strongly feminine style.

Kirsten Kokkin is an acclaimed sculptor and one of the leading artists in the international community of figurative sculptors. Kokkin made her début at the National Annual Autumn Exhibition in 1972 while still a student at the Art Academy. In 1987 she moved to the U.S. Her break through here came with the sculpture Flight, which initiated a series of themes with ballet dancers in which the artist expresses feelings through movement.

Originality and strength of expression mark her works which are executed with painstaking accuracy to anatomy and details, and convey a sensual, yet energetic quality. The search for truth led her to the naturalistic language, and her fantasy led her to themes from the antique and mythological world. Through the dance themes she also expresses her feelings and longings.

Kirsten Kokkin has created a number of monuments, both public and private commissions. Her works span from the tradition of romantic expressionism to classical naturalism. She has sculpted themes from the marine world and has a long career as a portrait artist. Kokkin’s artwork is placed all over the world, with the majority of pieces in the U.S and Norway.