Konnie Laumer

Portfolio Review: 48” x 36” x 1.7”

I’ve loved to paint and create art all my life. I’m a self taught artist, and also have a degree in graphics and multimedia.

My passion is both realism and abstract. I create my art primarily with acrylics, mixing it up to challenge myself by creating diverse series such as; cityscapes, seascapes, portraits, animals, flowers, and ethereal expressionism. Shown here is a sampling of my varied work. I paint on request with guaranteed satisfaction.

When creating portraits, people or animals, the painting’s not complete until I feel the soul of the subject come to life in an expression or in the eyes.

I create both abstract and realistic view of cityscapes, and both are challenging and fun as you can see on my website listed below. With the use of palette knife, I create texture and depth in both.

With painting abstracts, using bold bright earthy colors next to rich, reflective metallic paint like gold, bronze, copper, silver, iridescent, sparkly lamé, and translucent interference colors, I aspire to create a timeless whimsical feel.

I love the richness of metallic paint which cannot be reproduced easily in print, giving originals a one of a kind feel. Like chocolate is to some, I crave working with metallics. It’s a passion, obsession – it’s reflective quality stirs my soul. I feel I’m in a transcendental state when the painting emerges in front of me and I give it life.

As with my art, I see life as a work in progress, ever changing and expressive. Most art is available for purchase.