Lina Alattar Fine Art

Reckless Dreams: Acrylic on canvas, 24”x36”, 2014

Lina Alattar’s art offers bold, expressive and intimate abstract paintings.

Her usage of color and brushstrokes easily create an atmospheric landscape that pays homage to Abstract Expressionism.

Her commitment to the working process is meant to engage the viewer to appreciate the paintings’ sensual, meditative, and intriguing qualities. Each of her paintings is a discovery in finding balance, stillness and meaning in our everyday lives.

Lina received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Middle Tennessee State University in painting and graphic design. She continued her painting education in Gubio, Italy through an Art Study Program as well as at The George Washington University.

Lina has been a professional artist for over 15 years. She lives and works in Fairfax, Virginia. Her work can be seen in regional galleries throughout the Washington, DC area as well as in medical offices, private practices and residences.

She is a current member of Touchstone Gallery in Washington DC, GRACE Gallery in Reston VA, and Adam Lister Gallery in Beacon, NY. Her work is featured in publications such as Who’s Who in Visual Art, Fairfax Times, and the Reston Connection.

“Every piece begins out of the necessity to make sense of my experiences. This requires letting go of the limitations of thought and opening a direct path for emotional expression in its purest form.” – Lina Alattar

“Between Two Worlds” offers the viewer an experience of tranquility. Rich colors are nestled into the warm, inviting background of blues and grays. It’s texture and layers give the painting a narrative complexity while the brushstrokes offers a meditative quality.

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