Linda Rauch

Foot Prints

“Linda Rauch Gallery” is located adjacent to the Harwood Art Museum, deep in the heart of the Historic District in Taos, New Mexico, on lovely Ledoux Street which is the most charming street in Taos.

Steeped in history, the gallery is located in the former Taos School of Art founded by Emil Bisttram (1895-1976), a well known modernist artist, in the days when Taos was a remote mountain village.

Growing up in New Mexico greatly influenced Linda’s use of color. The vibrant New Mexico landscapes, as well as the Spanish and Indian cultures found there, are incredibly vivid and bright with color. You see this vibrancy emerge in Linda’s work.

Linda Rauch describes herself as a painter of fantasies and emotions. “I look at things in a way that evoke an emotion inside of me when I paint. My paintings portray the way I see the world. I would describe my style as interpretive, with a romantic flare that is somewhat reminiscent of Impressionism. Nature has always fascinated me. It is by far the most interesting subject for me to paint. I have always been mesmerized with flowers and am stunned by the beauty of them. I am interested in the way they look in different settings.

Sometimes I see flowers dancing in the wind in dazzling sunlight; I enjoy them in a misty garden in the early dawn morning and also in the twilight of evening. I like to capture feelings and moods when I paint. My work is somewhere between reality and an abstraction of it. I want the viewer to see beyond photographic reality. I think of my work as a fairy tale.”