Liz Pagano Fine Art

Earth, water, fire & air, four classical elements. The fifth being aether which is simultaneously the space around the source of all matter. This installation speaks to the transmutable nature of the universe.

“Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”
– Albert Einstein

Strange Weather
Complexity of existence
Growth change decay
Always in flux
Expanding and evolving
External and internal
Nature’s volatility
Solid and ethereal
The power of I Am
The invisible becoming visible
Imbalance motivating the old to unfold into the new
A ring left by a coffee cup
Bark peeling off a tree
Oxidizing copper
Rusting metal
Stains, swirls, cracks, pits, and scars
A leaf that has fallen onto a
Newly paved sidewalk then is
Rained on, leaving a ghostly
Impression of itself

Accidental beauty inspires me. I am interested in textures and how they reveal a history. My work magnifies moments, capturing movements, sometimes reactions or fusions. It is immediate and intuitive. The part I don’t control keeps me chasing/searching/moving.

My process is about exploring interactions of chance, control-coincidence and intent. It begins with play. I create texture and movement, often using a variety of mediums and mark making. I introduce spontaneous gestures and haphazard accumulations.

I develop the piece either by directly printing or drawing on; layering, overlaying or laminating other pieces in various ways, discovering new compositions of unforeseen, possibilities and connections. I’m always seeking unexpected opportunities and fresh moments to explore.

Liz Pagano’s work is in numerous corporate and private collections

Thank you for taking the time to look. Commissions Welcome.