Marcy Ann Villafaña

Marcy Ann Villafaña was born in Southern, California in 1968. She currently resides north of Austin, Texas in Cedar Park.

Working in a variety of mediums, including charcoal, conté, paper, a variety of paint types, photography, and graphic design, Marcy Ann has been exhibiting and selling her art since the late 80s, and has taken time in between to raise a family and grow a thriving career in graphic and web design (ModCat Design) for the past 27 years.

Currently she is enjoying a rebirth of her creative outlets. Marcy Ann is exploring an old love for drawing through anatomical studies of bone and muscle and perfecting, leading to enhancements in the quality of her paper art, which is now driving the exploration into the three-dimensional area.


As a young child I drew on any and everything, making my mark on all my surroundings. I drew anything I could imagine. I was blessed in always having drawing tools, glue and scissors at my disposal. I was even cutting my sisters’ eye lashes off at the age of three, without my parents’ permission of course. A very exact and precise form of cutting and drawing soon developed.

Inspired by the works of Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Manet, Mucha, and Patrick Nagel, I derived my own style through my love of cutting paper. This particular form of art is an expression of my need to control my environment. Unlike other artists who can paint and draw (which I do as well), I find my satisfaction in the precision of cutting the papers with a plain old Exacto knife and their textures. Nothing new… nothing fancy. No templates… no machines. Not the new cutting techniques or gadgets…no curved blades, just my hands, my eyes, and a straight blade. I developed this style when I teenager as a result of my near-sightedness.

My work is mostly of the feminine form. I see the beauty in the light and dark spaces of the figure and enjoy expressing it through color and or texture. In my admiration of real women: mothers, athletes, home-makers, dancers, famous or not, women with uplifting attitudes, strong-minded, caring, nurturing — with good will, I strive to create masterful pieces to express their inner beauty, goddess, and spirit within. -the woman today. Radiant Beauty Captivates…

Marcy Ann Villafana
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