Michelle Jung

Majestic Sea, 36” x 36”, Oil

In the tradition of the American Impressionists, Michelle Jung is joining the past with the present through her renditions of majestic seascape and landscape oil paintings.

Jung’s inspiration comes from nature. Splitting time between both coasts and Utah has given Jung an endless supply of dramatic seascape and landscape material. Her journey begins on location with a “plein air” painting. “Being outdoors and absorbing the subject matter through all the senses heightens my creative impulses in the studio.” Once in studio, Jung utilizes studies and photos to create large-scale oil paintings. “Lately, I’ve been painting bigger to exemplify the grandeur of nature’s spectacular moments.”

Michelle credits seascape artists’ Frederick Waugh(1861-1940) and Charles Vickery(1913-1998) as influences in her seascape work. Along with the guidance of current Western painter Scott L. Christensen, who is widely known for his grand landscape paintings of the western United States. Michelle’s education includes a BA in Art History and an MFA in Painting. “I believe that education is the foundation for a strong work of art. Direct observation and study of the principles of art are essential in the success of a painting. This carries over into the truthfulness of the artwork and how it translates to the viewer.”

Jung is a current member of several national organizations including the American Impressionists Society, the American Society of Marine Artists, American Women Artists, California Art Club and Oil Painters of America. This fall, Jung will be participating in the 16th Inaugural Exhibition of the American Society of Marine Artists. She is represented by Mountainsong Galleries in Carmel, California.