Sheila Ganch Sculpture

INTEGRATIVE | Assembled cast aluminum and stoneware on limestone base 27

My sculptures deal with our relationship with the planet and our mission to connect. Our connections are vital.

As a starting point, the sculptures are made of elements from the earth: clay, metal, stone, and pigments. The human form is my subject. Using form, emotion, abstraction, texture, and hue, I strive to show earth and humanity seeking common ground… one…connections

Sculpture is my passion-I must create-it is my reason for being here My sculptures are a reflection of my process. It is the doing and the creating, those things that emerge from the intuitive and soul levels, which finally merge with clay and stone and metal to form what is perceived as art.

This art, this final form, does not exist within a vacuum, but can only be seen as the result of the process. What might be appreciated only as a vague concept is made understandable if viewed as the sum of a series of problems to be solved, questions to be answered, and decisions to be made. If I have done my job, then the introspection employed from within myself, coupled with the materials and contours and rhythms provided by nature, irrespective of societal expectations or norms, will produce forms of harmony and grace.

The job isn’t finished when the form takes shape. There is power and beauty within the form itself, but without texture and hue the form cannot come to life. Beauty is more than skin deep, but beauty still requires a skin. I draw my inspiration for the final burnishing of the form from nature and memory, but also from my foreign travels. Ancient surfaces intrigue me. The weathered textures and colors act as a point of departure for the final enhancement that will emerge finally as art, a finished piece that tells you not only what it is, but where it has been. The process is the sculpture.

The final connection in my process is with the viewer. The sculpture is viewed, inducing emotion and introspection; the response being an integral part of the artistic experience…

I am represented by the following galleries:

Chicago Art Source Gallery | Chicago,Illinois
Gallery H | Three Oaks, Michigan
Pryor Fine Art Gallery | Atlanta, Georgia
Merritt Gallery/Renaissance Fine Arts | Baltimore, Maryland
Chevy Chase & Philadelphia

Contact me with any questions you may have about my work.

Sheila Ganch
630 740 0585
[email protected]