Becker Automotive Design: 25 Years of Leading Luxury Transportation

Becker Automotive Luxury Transportation

Unparalleled Experience and Reputation

For 25 years Becker Automotive Design has delivered the highest quality executive transportation limousines to affluent individuals worldwide. Having received critical acclaim and Best of the Best awards from leading automotive, general news and luxury lifestyle media, Becker is internationally recognized as leading the industry in building the finest vehicles of this category, anywhere.

Industry Leading Designs

Customer suggestions have, and continue to inspire Becker Automotive Design innovations. Having many of the world’s most prominent customers acts to provide invaluable input for Becker’s industry leading luxury transportation designs. This build-to-customer-order approach and will always remain an integral part of Becker Automotive Design’s business model.

Engineering and Safety

Becker Automotive Design’s first priority is the safety of their customers. All Becker vehicle modifications are designed using only the most advanced approaches in engineering and installation techniques. All modifications have been designed to meet or exceed US Federal vehicle safety standards.


Comfort starts from the ground up with all Becker Automotive Design vehicles. Advanced suspension improvements, substantial noise reduction and superior air conditioning, heating and fresh air filtration systems are all combined with Becker’s propitiatory in-house seat construction to offer Becker customers the ride comfort they expect.


Using only the finest materials sourced from around the world, Becker Automotive Design’s team of America’s finest craftsman consistently create remarkable interiors. Offering custom design services, coordinating with client designers and catering to client personal tastes, Becker cabinetry makers, wood veneer masters and upholstery artisans execute workmanship which is second to none.


After delivery, Becker Automotive Design’s top priority becomes customer service. Having vehicles operating in 26 countries on 4 continents, Becker’s experience and commitment to backing up their reliability has been key to customer satisfaction. Becker’s commitment to customer service will always remain top priority.