Garmr by Barghest: A New Type of Rolling Art

As an avid jetsetter, you are presented with a plethora of unique and new automobile products. However, none are as unique as the radically new 3-wheeled vehicle, Garmr by Barghest. This distinctive and highly revolutionized piece of machinery evokes sophistication with respect to art and the science of riding. Now, standing out from the crowd has never looked or felt this good.

After 18 months of design and hand engineering to perfection, Barghest, a high-end art and engineering company based out of Los Angeles, has just released the Garmr, their first high-performance vehicle. Unlike traditional bikes, this single edition, never-to-be-replicated reverse-trike, leans into corners and performs like a motorcycle, but with the stability of a car.

If you’re a thrill-seeking riding enthusiast looking for an exceptional and revolutionary new vehicle to give you that riding high, then the Garmr is the trike for you. A vehicle that is anything but ordinary or traditional, it is designed to meld with the rider, creating an unconscious extension between the person and trike. Barghest describes this completely new type of riding experience as “communing”. Extreme power and functionality enables the trike to lean and carve turns like a snowboard, but yet with the quickness of a conventional motorcycle. This high-performance technology enables the rider to feel as though they are being powerfully thrusted forward.

The Garmr is an advanced and radically different vision of what’s possible for motorcycle enthusiasts to experience. The 3-wheeled Garmr runs a fine line between unbalanced and balanced, in which it enabled Barghest to build from a broad canvas and create a radically new vision of what’s possible for a motorbike rider to experience.

In addition, this unique, attention-arresting vehicle is more than just a highly imaginative trike. The Garmr is indeed a piece of art.

Barghest believes that art is a reflection of profound experiences and they position their work to be more than just a product. The Garmr reflects an exploration of a new type of experience, one that merges art with performance.

Unlike other high-performance vehicles or motorbikes on the market, Barghest custom designs and produces each trike to have their own personality, resulting in a never-before seen or felt experience for the rider. No two of the company’s trikes will ever be the same and no two are crafted to give the same feeling.

A head-turning vehicle designed to maximize a paragon, the craftsmanship of the Garmr offers a relationship so uniquely rewarding that it is fundamentally different from any other 3 or 2-wheeled motorcycles available today. It is not just about performance or innovative styling, the Garmr evokes evolution, growth, and transcending anything the rider has ever experienced on the road before. This is a sophisticated work of art which will take a well-versed riding and art enthusiast to truly appreciate.

With a price tag of $200K, the Garmr could be yours for the taking.