Stylish Storage: Luxury Custom Garages That Are Over-the-Top Cool

Stylish Storage: Luxury Custom Garages That Are Over-the-Top Cool

Some garages are simply a holding place for stored boxes, Christmas decorations, and memories. Others are designed to be the ultimate car showcase. Here are some of the most exclusive, mind-blowing custom garages that house everything from nostalgic 60’s memorabilia to exotics and hotrods living side-by-side in a massive man cave.

Ferris Bueller Inspired Garage

Photo by Clay Grier

Perched atop a four-acre property in a secluded cove in Austin, Texas, a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-inspired garage will take you back to the iconic scene from America’s favorite slacker movie from the summer of 1986. This incredible garage designed by Mark Ashby Design boasts 8,300 square feet of glass walls, encasing a multi-million-dollar car collection that includes a silver Porsche 901, one of just 105 in the world.

“In working with the homeowner, I knew he had an affinity for the 80’s, so the goal here was to tip our hats to the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and luxuriate on that theme.” Says Michele Lorenz, Creative Director, Mark Ashby Design. “For example, we used an Andy Warhol-printed wallpaper in the restroom and covered the iconic Le Corbusier sofa and lounge chairs in a Porsche red leather. The rug in the basement lounge, at 32’x24’, truly captures the 80’s love of geometric shapes.”

This three-story structure has a custom car lift, a thumping pair of 5,000-watt speakers, and the mounted frame of a 1980 BMW M1. Other unique features include a custom neon sign that reads, ‘Live for the journey, not the destination.’

Gassed-Up Garage

Inside his nostalgic garage, car dealer and enthusiast Tom Martin has amassed a vast collection of auto memorabilia including a built-in full-size Sinclair station. With billiards, poker tables, and organs, this incredible garage is the ultimate man cave housing over a dozen 1960’s cars and farm tractors. Martin and a private audience of friends can spend the day overlooking this large warehouse of cool through the window of an attached apartment.

Canadian Car Haven

With Italian porcelain flooring, two spiral staircases, and a 40-foot bar, a Toronto-area garage houses the ultimate car collection. The 16,000 square-foot main floor has room for 60 cars and 18 motorcycles. Walls are complete with autographed sports memorabilia. Atop custom staircases, there is an additional 4,000 square-foot of space. This mezzanine holds custom-made Lamborghini sofas and four televisions, making for an exclusive entertainment area. There is also a trophy room, Ferrari Red piano, and a custom sit-in humidor. This amazing structure was constructed from the ground up and was designed by Joanna Pietras, the designer and owner/operator of Homes by JoJo.

Jay Leno’s Big Dog Garage

Many people know comedian Jay Leno has amassed a substantial collection of cars. His personal collection of over 160 automobiles and motorcycles is only surpassed by the sheer enormity of the size of his Big Dog garage. The vehicles are neatly arranged in the state-of-the-art facility which has become more of an automobile museum. The garage has its own adjacent auto restoration shop to restore and customize at will. Memorabilia, artwork, and vintage auto ads and signage all adorn this car lover’s paradise. See 25 of the coolest cars in Jay Leno’s garage in this Business Insider article.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Manhattan Garage

Like Leno, fellow comedian Jerry Seinfeld is an avid car enthusiast. His Manhattan garage is a three-story subterranean masterpiece that holds four unique garage areas. With 850-square foot of living space, there is also a club room with a pool table, bathroom, office, and kitchen. Because Seinfeld has always had an affinity for Porsches, it’s no surprise that much of his collection ranges from classic and antique to modern Porsches.

With style and function, these gorgeous garages are the envy of any car collector.

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