Supercar Tour: Join Gran Turismo in Tuscany for an Escape in a Ferrari

Supercar Tour: Join Gran Turismo in Tuscany for an Escape in a Ferrari

Welcome to Tuscany with Gran Turismo.

11-15 October 2023

Florence – Chianti – Grosseto – Lucca – Florence

Join Gran Turismo for a weekend in Tuscany, with a beautiful road trip from Florence to Chianti, Montepulciano, Forte dei Marmi, and Lucca. Three days of driving on great Tuscan roads and four nights in luxury hotels. Supercar included!

Among the most beautiful places on Earth. Full of rolling hills, vineyards, and fantastic food. We should not forget about all the incredible roads, which are abundant here – perfect for a fast car.

During this long weekend, four days in total with Gran Turismo, you will have about 500 miles of pure driving joy with your supercar of choice. You will also have a lot of great food, and some of the finest wine in from the region. It is the peak of Tuscan wine season after all.

Three days of driving.

The event consists of three driving days. The route takes you from Florence through Chianti along the beautiful rolling hills of Tuscany to Grosseto, then going up the Tuscan coast to Viareggio and Forte Dei Marmi, navigating Passo dell’Vestito to Garfagnana, and the ancient walled city of Lucca, before returning to Florence.

The total driving distance is about 500 miles, spread over three driving days. Over 150 miles on twisty roads every day is hard work – you will be quite exhausted when you arrive to the hotel, after a day on the road. A cold glass of prosecco will taste heavenly.

Your supercar is included.

Wait, what? Yes – you read that right. The organizer was able to source 14 supercars for the event. You can find the list of available cars below, after the itinerary. When all cars are taken – the event is fully booked.

11 October – Arrival in Florence

Welcome to Tuscany and Villa Cora in Florence, one of the best hotels in the city. Check-in opens at 14:00. Your car will be ready in the afternoon. You are more than welcome to take a spin in your brand new supercar around Florence. However – please don’t be late for the welcome mingle that starts at 19:00.

16:00 – Check-in opens at Hotel Villa Cora *****L

19:00 – Mingle in the hotel garden and drivers briefing. Please don’t be late.

20:00 – Dinner by the pool in the hotel

12 October – Chianti and Grosseto

The driving starts at 11:00. The journey begins by driving south through the extremely pretty Chianti area. The road of choice is Strada 222, or Strada del Chianti, all the way to Siena. With a supercar, this road is heaven on earth. Lunch is in Solociccia – the most famous meat restaurant in Italy.

After lunch the route continues south on equally exciting Tuscan roads all the way to Hotel L’Andana in the late afternoon. This is a proper Italian luxury five-star hotel with hills surrounding it. It also has a Michelin starred restaurant – Trattoria Enrico Bartollini.

09:00 – Breakfast

11:00 – Driving begins

11:30 – Strada del Chianti 222

12:30 – Lunch in Solociccia

14:00 – Dynamic driving on Tuscan road continues

16:30 – Arrival at Hotel L’Andana *****L

19:30 – Aperitivo in the garden

20:00 – Dinner at Trattoria Enrico Bartollini *

13 October – The Tuscan coast to Lucca

Here, the route heads north. Along the coast, all the way to Viareggio. On the way there, a stop for coffee at Andrea Bocelli’s restaurant and café. Arrival in the harbour of Viareggio about 45 minutes later, for lunch in Ristorante Il Porto.

From Viareggio the route continues along the sea. First to Forte Dei Marmi, and then to Massa. From Massa, it is time for one of the best roads in Italy – the famous SP13. This fantastic road, known from the James Bond movie Quantum of Solace, will take you over the mountains to the next stop of the tour: Grand Universe Hotel, in the centre of Lucca.

09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Driving begins again

13:00 – Lunch in Porto Viareggio

15:00 – Driving continues to Pietrasanta

16:00 – Mountain pass – Strada SP13

17:00 – Arrival at Hotel Universe in Lucca ****

19:30 – Aperitivo at the hotel

20:00 – Dinner in Ristorante Giglio

14 October – Volterra and San Gimignano

This final day the drive goes south towards Volterra and then San Gimignano. Two classic roads in Tuscany with many hilly sections. Incredibly fun with a supercar!

Lunch and a wine tasting are awaiting you in Tenuta Torciano, which is located in the vicinity of San Gimignano. The wine tastings held by Pierluigi Giachi are legendary. The lunch and wine tasting is held outside, in their vineyard.

After lunch, you continue on the famous road to Asciano before turning up north and hopping on Strada del Chianti again before arriving in central Florence and your hotel for the night, The Westin Excelsior, yet another Italian luxury heavyweight, with a fantastic terrace and view over the city.

Dinner on this final night is on the hotel rooftop restaurant SE-STO.

09:00 – Breakfast

10:00 – Driving begins again

11:00 – Volterra and San Gimignano

12:30 – Lunch in Tenuta Torciano

14:00 – Driving continues to Asciano

17:00 – Arrival at The Westin Excelsior *****L

19:30 – Aperitivo in the hotel

20:00 – Dinner in SE-STO restaurant

15 October – Thank you

Thank you for joining Gran Turismo Toscana. Hopefully you have had a great experience with us. Please let us know if you want us to organise a shuttle to your airport. Hope to see you soon again!

You had me at hello. How do I sign up?

You are more than welcome. The event includes four nights at luxury hotels, lunches on the road, all dinners with an endless amount of red wine, the Gran Turismo welcome pack, and a most spectacular driving experience with us in Tuscany with a Ferrari or Lamborghini of your choice.

But wait! One more thing – it also includes a car:

Ferrari 296 GTB / 16 600 EUR // Booked

Ferrari 296 GTB / 16 600 EUR

Ferrari F8 Spider / 15 800 EUR // Booked

Ferrari F8 Spider / 15 800 EUR // Booked

Ferrari F8 Spider / 15 800 EUR

Ferrari F8 Spider / 15 800 EUR

Ferrari Portofino / 14 500 EUR // Booked

Ferrari Portofino / 14 500 EUR

Ferrari Portofino / 14 500 EUR

Ferrari SF 90 / 19 300 EUR

Lamborghini EVO Spyder / 14 500 EUR // Booked

Lamborghini EVO Spyder / 14 500 EUR

Lamborghini Tecnica / 16 300 EUR

Maserati MC20 Cielo / 15 800 EUR // Booked

Please note that the price by the car is the total cost for the event, including everything: the hotel, lunch, dinners, and driving – as always for both driver and co-driver sharing one car and hotel room.

We have exactly ONE of each car. When all 14 cars are booked, the event is fully booked. To join, select your car from the list above and send an e-mail to: [email protected].

Or, go to the Gran Turismo website.