The Alberta Boot Company

The Alberta Boot Company was an idea that came from the mind of Clement Gerwing in the mid 1970’s.

He was selling western boots from Mexico and Quebec out of his wholesale footwear store located in Calgary AB Canada. The demand for well made western boots was increasing and he didn’t like the quality or products coming in. It was at this time when he decided to start a new venture, at an age when many were considering retirement.

There was a two year back and forth process to perfect the ‘last’, the mould over which the boots size and shape is formed. Finally a last was manufactured which was made into a pair of boots that fit Clement Gerwing like a glove. At this time he knew his vision of developing one of the best Western boot companies in the world was about to become a reality.

The original goal of Alberta Boot was to have the best quality made product, materials and fit than any other manufacturer. 35 years later, and the companies philosophy has not changed. Every Alberta Boot is still made in the heart of cowboy country, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, using the world’s best leathers and exotic skins to create handmade, wearable, works of art.

There are over 200 steps and between 4 to 6 weeks of production time that go into every handmade pair of Alberta Boots. One thing that sets Alberta Boot apart from its competitors is that the entire boot is made of leather, even the lining, insoles and side piping. Many companies will use vinyl and man made materials which save money, but make the boot less comfortable and wear out much faster. This is not the case with Alberta Boots. Because of the superior quality and craftsmanship Alberta Boots can last for 10, 15, 20 years and even longer. Alberta Boots are made using the Goodyear welt style of hand crafting which also means they can be re-soled several times throughout the life of the boot.

One thing that sets Alberta Boot apart is the vast array of not only sizes, but widths as well. The key to a proper fitting western boot is width, and Alberta Boot offers widths as narrow as 4A and as wide as 4E.

Alberta Boot also specializes in custom and exotic skinned boots. Aside from the non-exotic leathers such as cowhide and bull hide, they also work with Kangaroo, Python, Lizard, Ostrich, Elephant, Stingray and Alligator. Weather you are looking for the perfect pair of boots for the boardroom, ranch or stampede, Alberta Boot has the perfect pair for you.

When you buy an Alberta Boot, you are investing in great quality, craftsmanship, comfort and style. Alberta Boots are made too last and you will not find a better made boot anywhere in the world.