Back at the Ranch | Artisan-Crafted Boots

Back at the Ranch is the world’s largest retailer of custom cowboy boots.

As the world’s largest retailer of custom cowboy boots, Back at the Ranch offers a lavish selection of hand-tailored, luxurious leathers and exotic skins, embellished by intricately tooled patterns, unique details, vibram soles and the latest colors.

Quality: Our Only Ambition

Established in 1990 in a historic Santa Fe adobe building, our Back at the Ranch showcases made-to-measure footwear from our plant in El Paso, Texas, where skilled artisans endowed by traditions passed down through generations unite heritage and high fashion. These experts employ tools specific to their craft, many of which are handmade, to produce boots of legendary excellence and modern savvy.

Your Aesthetic, Your Style, Your Choice

Our materials include supple leathers, exotic skins, delicate flower inlays, and personalized motifs, delivering to you distinctive, iconic cowboy boots and internationally celebrated Western chic. Because everything is made by hand, you can also consult with us to create your own signature design.


From a historical adobe store in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Back at the Ranch, established in 1990, has breathed new life into the ultimate symbol of Americana: the handmade cowboy boot. Using bold colors, the finest exotic leathers and a fresh take on traditional design, the company creates one-of-a-kind boots that have proven a hit with music stars, A-list actors, politicians, and style-conscious people from around the globe. As one of the world’s last remaining makers of handcrafted cowboy boots, Back at the Ranch also offers customers the chance to personalize its distinctive luxury products with their own designs, “Before I launched my store in 1990, I realized that, aesthetically, the cowboy boot industry was stuck in the 1950s,” says owner Wendy Henry. “It desperately needed fashion-forward ideas about colors and designs to complement its renowned craftsmanship, so I set about making some of the best handmade cowboy boots ever produced.”

Drawing on her experiences in New York’s fashion industry, she has added a feminine touch to this male-dominated domain. By combining durable quality with style, Wendy creates cowboy boots that are a true expression of their owner’s individuality— whether customers choose one of the 700 handmade pairs stocked at Back at the Ranch’s charming store, or a bespoke pair of boots with their own distinct design or color scheme.

All of our boots are made in our Factory in El Paso, Texas. Crafted by our second- and third-generation bootmakers, each pair fully expresses the wearer’s personality.