Budd Shirts – London Premier Tailors

For those seeking a stylish, refined and elegant look in 2013, you’re definitely going to need to find yourself a tailor of some considerable repute and, so far as Budd Shirts in Piccadilly Arcade, London are concerned, their reputation certainly precedes them.

It is always a good sign from a tailor that, despite a humble setting (Budd Shirts still operate from the same small store they began back in 1910), their reputation is world wide and the tailors that they used are in great demand internationally.

Bespoke Budd Shirts

Budd Shirts are one of the premier tailors in London and the quality of their bespoke, hand-made dress shirts and accessories really is second to none. If you’re lucky enough to live in London and want to ramp up your sartorial style then you’ll be delighted to have such a well-regarded tailor right on your doorstep. For those living further afield, it’s definitely worth pencilling in a trip to Piccadilly on your your next trip to the UK’s capital city. The processes behind the making of a finely tailored dress shirt really is an art form and, lamentably, it is one that is getting increasingly pushed out by high volume, low quality high-street fashion outlets.

Fortunately, however, there are still some bastions of style out there who hold fashion in high regard and Budd Shirts are certainly one which falls into this catergory. The quality of their Bespoke Dress Shirts shines out like a beacon and the comfort of a well-tailored dress shirt will have you wondering how you managed to cope with anything less before.

Looking stylish in 2013 can be as simple as adding a few good quality dress shirts to your wardrobe rotation and you’ll be in good company if you opt for Budd Shirts to be your Sherpa on the road to sartorial superiority.

For more information, visit www.BuddShirts.co.uk.