Daniel George: Wheels Up! Your Clothing Experience Above the Clouds

We live in dynamic times. The current cultural moment is teeming with change and opportunity. There is freedom, awareness, and space for an unprecedented variety of self-presentations. Sadly, when it comes to fashion, this freedom is too often wasted in the name of convenience. Look no further for evidence of this fact than the regrettable “airport chic” fad of pajama-like sweats in public. With expert direction, the genteel touch of Savile Row, the cosmopolitan silhouettes of the continent, and the urbane, uptown elegance of the jet-set are all within reach of the discerning. These days there is no excuse for pairing khakis with an ill-fitting shirt for a business lunch or a night on the town.

Menswear designer Daniel George has been dedicated to fashion for 25 years and has achieved a level of mastery in his field that mirrors his clients’ distinction in their own professional pursuits. He recognizes the opportunities afforded by today’s relaxed environment. After all, if we can wear whatever we want, why not strive to look our absolute best?

Daniel’s vision assumes that investment in high-end, bespoke clothing is not just a matter of means and aspiration. The greatest challenge facing clothier and client alike is finding a garment that flatters the body and forefronts the personality. With impeccable taste and attention to detail, Daniel embraces this challenge, crafting custom pieces that express the essential character of the man. He knows the rules, and when he breaks them, he does so with tact and intent. Daniel George has dedicated his career to the belief that if the goal is looking great, there can be no substitute for the bespoke and exquisitely tailored.

As Daniel sees it, the hallmark of excellence is a combination of passion and talent, and he imbues everything he creates with panache. The successful know the value of their time. Ambition and determined focus are key in all endeavors. But even the most focused among us also recognizes the value of innovation: inventiveness springs from creativity, and creativity springs from an open mind.

In keeping with this belief, the Daniel George experience is anything but stuffy. Daniel serves as an affable, amiable guide. His knowledge of, and reverence for, the history of men’s fashion, along with his fluency in its contemporary, cutting edge, are perfectly balanced by his off-beat sense of humor and wit. Truly bespoke apparel is not simply a matter of exhaustive measurements, as crucial as those are. It also requires familiarity with the client. This personal approach is one of many things that set Daniel George apart. What we wear speaks to who we are and what we value, and Daniel is committed to discovering what his clients are passionate about, whether it is fine wine or scotch, international travel, art, architecture, or interior design. (In fact, one is likely to get sidetracked should Daniel’s passion for classic bespoke automobiles get mentioned.) Above all, he is interested in getting to know his clients’ tastes in order to build a sartorial relationship.

From classic business suits crafted for the professional who demands the highest quality, to stand-out, one-of-a-kind designs guaranteed to draw compliments from friends, family, colleagues, and strangers alike, Daniel George prides himself on his range of styles and invests in each garment bearing his name with uncompromising quality in design and construction.

DG offers a comprehensive range of items: suits and sport coats made with fabrics from such world-renowned mills as Scabal, Loro Piana, and Dormeuil; shirts in fine cotton and linen, with hundreds of options, and in styles ranging from formal to casual; ties, pocket squares, and other accessories, all sourced from the world’s finest purveyors; and leather shoes and boots, crafted by hand with a personal pattern of the client’s foot for ultimate comfort and fit.

Whether you are looking for an individual statement piece or interested in an inclusive wardrobe package, with Daniel’s expert eye and delicate touch the style you achieve will have you cruising above the clouds.

Experience the DG difference firsthand by booking an appointment on their website, danielgeorge.com, or calling 312-729-5202 to set up an initial consultation. Scheduling your appointment at least three weeks in advance is recommended.