In The Bag: Top 6 Luxury Handbag Styles in 2022

Bottega Veneta Luxury Handbag Trends 2022

Handbags will never go out of style — but handbag trends go out of style every season. While it’s always good to have classic bags that stand the test of time, you should also keep trends in mind when choosing handbags. Here are six luxury handbag trends to watch for in 2022:

1. Bright Bags

When looking at the newest Bottega Veneta selections and other high fashion brands, it’s clear that bright handbags will take the number one spot this year. Designers are beginning to gravitate toward bright, bold, and mood-boosting colors. One of the most popular handbag trends to look for this year is bright green or yellow handbags.

2. Over-the-Shoulder

Over-the-shoulder handbags are essential in everyone’s closet. Not only do these versatile handbags cover a wide range of styles — they’re functional pieces that have enough room to comfortably hold your belongings. The more often you can wear a handbag, the better, so it’s best to purchase handbags that offer versatility. This red Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag can be held by the handles or placed across the body.

3. Uniquely Shaped

When you go shopping for handbags, how do you ultimately choose the ones you’d like added to your closet? Some people choose based on current trends, while others pick handbags because they stand out amongst the rest. Uniquely shaped handbags are in-style because of their dynamic designs. Whether you opt to get a triangular, circular, or another uniquely shaped bag — you should feel confident knowing you’ll wear a unique handbag aligned with this year’s trends.

4. Crystals

As you’re probably beginning to notice, trendy handbags in 2022 are those that will make a statement. What makes a statement better than a gorgeous crystal handbag? These sparkly accessories will quite literally light up a room — attracting much-deserved attention to your statement piece.

5. Puffy

When people think of the word puffy associated with pieces of clothing in their wardrobes, they typically think of puffy outerwear before considering a puffy handbag. This type of bag has been under the radar for years while slowly gaining popularity with each fashion week. While you may only be able to wear a puffy jacket a few times per year, a puffy handbag can be worn all year long. Puffy handbags take everything you love about puffy jackets and condense those things into a fun little handbag!

6. Elongated Totes

Elongated totes were proven to be one of the most fashionable handbags this year as models wore them down almost every runway. These bags have exaggerated handles that make them easy to wear — they are also generally larger than other handbags! You may gravitate toward an elongated tote bag because they’re functional and stylish.

While some outfits are only worn a few times, handbags are go-to essentials that will continue to be worn over time. If you feel a bit hesitant about choosing a luxury handbag in 2022, please follow this one simple piece of advice:

The best fashion moments happen when someone pairs fashionable pieces together to create a trendy outfit that makes them feel happy and confident.