Luly Yang’s “Made in Nature” Collection: Nature’s Luxurious Runway Debut

Made in Nature debuting at Luly Yang’s fashion show – All photos courtesy of Vivian Hsu Photography

In the midst of luminescent spotlights and the hum of anticipation, the curtain drew back to reveal Luly Yang’s latest masterpiece, Made in Nature graced the catwalk, it did more than just showcase garments. It narrated a tale of nature’s magnificence, shimmering with dedication and charity, raising an impressive $80k+ for Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The Ocean’s Serenade

Imagine diving into the deep abyss, only to be met with a kaleidoscope of oranges, corals, passionate reds, and enigmatic blacks. The velvets whispered tales of oceanic mysteries, gracefully giving way to the silk that rippled, mimicking the caress of ocean waves. The meticulous detailing of pearls, entwined in velvet and silk, spoke of treasures hidden beneath the waves, waiting for discovery.

As Luly poetically puts it, “Beneath shimmering ocean waves are remarkable treasures waiting to be discovered: vibrant corals, lustrous pearls, and beautiful bioluminescence.”

Every shade of blue, every ripple in the fabric, transported us on a poetic maritime journey, making us yearn for the embrace of the sea.

Embracing Earth’s Elegance

Shifting from the watery depths to the embrace of terra firma, the Earth collection blossomed in a riot of colors. From the life-affirming greens of verdant meadows to the mellow yellows of dappled sunlight, each piece was a chapter in Earth’s untold story. One couldn’t help but pause and admire the dark green dress; its sheer coverup gently kissed by leaves felt like an ode to Mother Nature herself.

Luly captures the essence with, “On land, seasonal colors shift from vivacious greens to subtle bronze. As leaves fall, rebirth begins. Our forest floor is nourished, and magnificent flowers bloom.” The collection was a heartfelt sonnet to Earth’s ever-changing beauty.

Soaring Dreams

But what is life without dreams? The crescendo of the show lifted our spirits, quite literally, to the realm of skies. The dream of flight, captured in every weave and pattern, resonated with our age-old longing to spread our wings. Ethereal patterns evoked the delicate wings, while hues transitioned from the airy whites and blues of bird feathers to the intoxicating lilacs and purples of dusk. Each design, with its free-flowing form and the whimsical touch of feathers, seemed ready to take flight, capturing the allure of the endless skies.

As Luly beautifully mused, “Humans who dreamed of flight looked to the skies at feathered birds for inspiration. And we admired the beautiful, patterned wings.”

Gazing at Luly’s “Made in Nature” collection was akin to witnessing an art form in motion. It was more than just fashion; it was an ode, a sonnet, to our world’s unparalleled beauty. Every piece was an invitation, an intimate dialogue between the designer and the spectator, urging us to “look at our home with new, enamored eyes.”

In this mesmerizing dance between elegance, nature, and generosity, Luly Yang not only unveiled her unparalleled design prowess but also unveiled her heart – passionate, wild, and brimming with love for the natural canvas we call home.

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