Luxury Childwear with Caramel Baby & Child Stores

Finding clothing and accessories for children that are as luxurious and well-crafted as most parents would like is often problematic due to the number of high quantity, low quality clothing suppliers on the market.

Fortunately, however, every once in a while a purveyor of luxury goods comes along that really does stand out from the crowd due to the quality of their wares and this is certainly something that can be applied to a luxury childwear and accessories company from London that goes by the name of Caramel Baby & Child.

This exceptionally impressive brand, and their eye-catching array of child and baby clothes, have seen their popularity span the globe as they now boast stores not only in London but also in New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong as parents fall for the luxurious nature of their wares – which ranges from wonderfully crafted newborn baby gifts through to sartorially superb clothing for young children.

Caramel Baby & Child are the labour of love of Eva Karayiannis, a trained lawyer, who had the desire to change people’s perception of children’s clothing and, through her beautifully designed and eye-catching pieces, she has accomplished this goal exceptionally well. The distinctive nature of the luxury children’s clothes from Caramel Baby & Child definitely sets them considerably apart from the mass produced crowd and, whether you’re buying for your own children or as a gift to new parents, the lucky recipient of an item from Caramel will adore the comfort, style and exemplary craftsmanship.

The lovely set of of luxury clothing, toys and gifts from Caramel Baby & Child are exactly the sort of goods that parents the world over have been crying out for but, hitherto, haven’t been able to find on the market which is generally dominated by low quality manufacturers instead of those who go that extra mile to make sure they produce visually appealing and stylish clothing that parents really want to be dressing their children in.

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