Abolishing Medical Debt for Good for Our Veterans

Veterans put their lives on the line for us to insure that we remain free to live by the values we hold so dear. This is done at no small cost. Many veterans return to us injured, physically and emotionally bruised and battered.

Alarmingly, almost 50% of returning veterans are diagnosed with PTSD.* They’re often not prepared for the road ahead and struggle with issues such as personal finances, debt and unemployment. Instead of being rewarded with quality of life their sacrifices promised, they struggle to make ends meet.

Much of their burden comes in the form of medical debt, perhaps one of the most formidable enemies our veterans face. Many suffer from long term health issues that outlast their Veterans’ Affairs health care.* In 2010 there were an estimated 1.3 million uninsured veterans across the U.S., too many who find their out-ofpocket medical expenses far exceeding their disposable income.** To say this situation is unjust is an understatement! It’s just plain wrong and flies in the face of our nation’s values to allow our vets to be harmed in this manner.

RIP Medical Debt Veteran’s Program


Our veterans deserve better than to drown under piles of medical bills. RIP Medical Debt (RIP) is embarking on a campaign to abolish unpaid and unpayable veteran medical debt and unburden the brave men and women, whether active and inactive, and their families who deserve our support. RIP Medical Debt was established in July of 2014 with a mission to purchase and abolish unpaid medical debt.

Founded by two former collection industry executives, RIP uses an inside track to purchase medical debt for pennies on the dollar. They have already done this for the non-military population and are now turning their attention to the plight of veterans. This is where you can help. RIP is seeking donations from private parties and corporations to buy veterans’ medical debt and pay it off, no strings attached.

Opportunities to Help

Because RIP can purchase medical debt for pennies on the dollar, donors have an unprecedented opportunity to make a huge impact on the lives of our veterans. Each donated dollar can pay off up to $100 dollars of veteran medical debt! A $50 donation can relieve a $5,000 burden!

Treasure Coast Capital Trust – Donation Funding

RIP has developed additional ways donors can give and help eradicate veteran’s unpaid medical debt. In cooperation with Treasure Coast Capital Trust, a firm specializing in Self-Directed IRAs and alternative investments, donors can use qualified funds to invest in a variety of investment programs. When their gains are realized they can choose to use some of the profits to make a donation to RIP’s Veteran’s Program. It’s a win-win. Donors can increase their wealth and diversify their portfolios via alternative investments, while helping veterans and their families. Plus, they are not “out” any money as a result of their donation.

Join Us Today!

JOIN US in our mission to free our Veterans from the hardship of unpaid medical debt. TO MAKE A DONATION, or to learn more about ways you can help, please visit our website at www.RIPMedicalDebt.org, or call toll-free 844-637-3328 x101. For Treasure Coast Capital Trust visit www.TCCapitalTrust.com or call 914-525-0250.