Anti-Aging: Defying the Odds with Cenegenics Age Management Medicine

Andropause the Clock on Healthy Aging

Would you like to wake up in the morning with energy and enthusiasm, with all your faculties intact, able to take care of yourself physically and free of any major aches, pains and disabilities? Does aging gracefully without repeated hot flashes and other hormonal imbalance symptoms sound like the way you want to retire? Would you like to live well into your nineties, with everything working right, feeling basically happy, content, fulfilled, and healthy?

Of course you would. Who wouldn’t? And the thing of it is, it’s completely possible due to an emerging medical specialty known as age management medicine. The undisputed leader in this field is Cenegenics —the oldest, largest, and most respected age management and anti-aging clinic in the country.

It’s also the most effective. I should know. I’ve been a patient on the program for almost 20 years, and their anti-aging treatments have changed my life.

I have boundless energy. I’m enthusiastic. I love life. I wake up without an alarm clock. I play tennis six days a week. I travel all over the country. I have the energy, the vitality, the enthusiasm and drive that I had when I was 35. I have a beautiful fiancée who has 14-year old twins, and I keep up with all three of them, no problem. I travel around the country and appear on dozens of morning talk shows talking about nutrition, health, and aging. Yet, I can’t remember the last time I woke up tired.

When the talk show hosts ask how old I am, I love watching their jaws drop when I tell them the answer.

I’m 71.

Anti-Aging Treatments in 2018

The Cenegenics program is a four-pronged approach to healthy aging that can absolutely change everything we typically complain about as we get older—low energy, fatigue, lack of libido, creeping weight gain. (For those who might be interested, I’ve been within 5 pounds of my ideal weight- 145—for the entire time I’ve been on the Cenegenics program, and I was an overweight (AKA “stocky”) kid who still gains weight easily.)

Three of the four elements of the program involve stuff I’ve been teaching for 27 years—nutrition, exercise and supplementation. No one appreciates their power more than I do.

But there’s a dirty little secret about diet, exercise and supplementation and it’s this: The older you get, the harder it is to get results.

The reason? Hormones. Hormones are the missing piece of the puzzle, and it’s this hormonal imbalance that the Cenegenics program addresses better than any other anti-aging program I’ve seen in my almost three decades as a health professional.

Hormone Therapy and Anti-Aging for Men

Hormones have been wrongly blamed for everything from backseat encounters in the teenage years to the purchase of a red Porsche at age 55. But the idea that “it’s all about hormones”—like many clichés—has some grounding in fact. (It’s hormones—not calories—that are responsible for weight gain.) Hormones are absolutely essential messengers that tell cells, organs, tissues, muscles, and bones what to do. They are drivers of behavior and physiology. And they influence everything from your sex drive to your ability to burn fat.

They are powerful modulators of the whole aging process. And, as you might have guessed, they change a lot as you age.

Trying to tone muscles, lose belly fat, and increase energy when your hormones are declining is like trying to grow flowers in soil with no nitrogen. You can give those flowers all the water and sunlight they could possibly need, but if the soil is depleted of nutrients, getting prize-winning flowers is going to be an upward climb. If the hormones that help you stay trim, toned and energetic are on a downward spiral—as they often are in aging—it’s going to be fiendishly difficult to feel young and vibrant, even when you’re doing everything right.

In fact, even people who are basically healthy and already look really good for their age are astounded by how much better they feel and how much easier it is to do things once their hormones are optimized. (A frequent reaction I hear from people who have been on the program for a couple of months is “I had no idea!”) For people who are not superb specimens to begin with, and have been struggling with growing waistlines and sagging libidos, the Cenegenics hormone replacement therapy is nothing short of a miracle.

Why Cenegenics is Your Anti-Aging Solution

When people contact me about the Cenegenics program, many ask me why their regular doctor doesn’t know about all this. Many men, for example, tell me that their doctor measured their testosterone level and it was “perfectly normal”. But no Jetset reader aspires to “normal” or average. We didn’t aim for “C’s” in school, and we’re not aiming for “average” in hormones. We want our hormones at top-performing, physiologically healthy levels. And to get them there, we need anti-aging doctors who specialize in age management medicine.

Your doctor—terrific as she or he may be—will not know how to do this. After all, you wouldn’t go to a cardiologist if you had a kidney disease, and you wouldn’t go to an orthopedist if you needed cataract surgery. They’re all medical doctors–but they have expertise in different arenas. The Cenegenics physicians are experts in hormone therapy and anti-aging. An excellent family doctor will look at one or two basic hormones on a standard blood test— a Cenegenics blood test looks at ninety different metrics.

And don’t confuse Cenegenics with the dozens of hormone-alternative clinics springing up in strip malls all over the country. I’m sorry to tell you that those anti-aging clinics are to Cenegenics Medical Institute what McDonald’s is to the Four Seasons. Cenegenics has a rock-solid track record-20 years of experience with over 35,000 patients. Doctors come from all over the country to get certified in age-management medicine by the non-profit Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation. In a very real sense, Cenegenics wrote the proverbial book on how to do this stuff the right and responsible way. As a doctor friend of mine once joked, don’t shop for bargains in parachutes, scuba diving equipment, or hormone replacement programs.

Once someone feels what it’s like to have their hormones tweaked to optimal levels, he feels like he can do anything. And when you feel great inside, a funny thing happens. You start looking better. People start treating you differently. It’s a beautiful upward spiral of increasing health, happiness, vitality and engagement.

The Cenegenics program has helped me live that way for almost 20 years and it can help you too.

The article was written and contributed to Jetset Magazine by Jonny Bowden.

Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS is a board-certified nutritionist with a master’s degree in psychology. He’s the author of 15 books on nutrition and health including “The Great Cholesterol Myth”, “The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth”, and “The Most Effective Ways to Live Longer”.

If you’re interested in the Cenegenics program, you can contact him directly at jbowden(at)


*Based on internal study of the last 200 Cenegenics patients completing their first annual re-evaluation, the average body fat percentage declined 30% from the initial extensive evaluation when joining the Cenegenics program.