Celergen Swiss Cell Therapy

Cell Therapy is the future of medicine.

What is Swiss Cell Therapy?

A potent transformative treatment that stimulates the human body’s natural healing and revitalizing powers, Swiss Cell Therapy triggers the rejuvenation of individual cells. This renewal process is critical for helping keep the body’s tissues and organs in optimal good health. By repairing and replacing dead and damaged cells, Swiss Cell Therapy helps combat the aging process by maintaining energy and vitality.

What is in Celergen?

Celergen is a pharmaceutical-grade Swiss nutritional supplement. One of its key ingredients is a proprietary Cellular Marine Complex that is extracted from marine DNA, which through nearly 30 years of research has been associated with powerful anti-aging properties. Other ingredients include Peptide E Collagen, which reinforces skin elasticity, and Hydro MN Peptide, which plays a critical role in the rejuvenation of cartilage.

How Does Celergen Work?

Unlike other cell therapies, which involve injections, Celergen comes in an enteric coated soft-shell capsule that is taken orally. While most supplements are often manufactured using extreme heat, which destroys many of the nutrients in the active ingredients, Celergen uses Swiss Proprietary Swiss Cold Extraction Technology. This guarantees that its marine DNA cellular extracts achieve the highest degree of potency.

What Do Independent Clinical Studies Say About the Effectiveness of Celergen?

Studies on Celergen’s key ingredients were conducted by BIO-HC Laboratories, a French-based firm and one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive research centers.

Benefits include:

  • Improved stamina and energy levels.
  • Reduced pain from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Improved blood circulation.
  • Faster recuperation after exercise.
  • Improved blood-sugar control.
  • Enhanced alertness of mind and focus.
  • Improved skin resilience, tone, texture and overall complexion.
  • Reduction of wrinkles.
  • Increased sexual performance and satisfaction.
  • Strengthened immune system.
  • Improved sleep.

“I take Celergen every day. I start my day knowing that I am doing the best to take care of my health, to stay strong and full of energy, while maintaining my very hectic and non-stop life.”

“Celergen is the best natural product that I have come across since I started practicing medicine. It is definitely the next big thing for those seeking well-being and good health.”
-Dr. Juan Remos, Miami, FL

“If you drive a rare Ferrari or own a private jet, you know that you must look after it with top quality products and maintenance. You should show that same respect for quality when it applies to yourself. Celergen is a remarkable tool that can help improve our well-being on multiple levels.”
-Dr. Uzzi Reiss, Beverly Hills, CA

“Within 2 weeks of starting Celergen, I was amazed at the difference in my skin. It looked so much more youthful that my friends and family were asking what I had done. My skin had gone from dull and lifeless to radiant, hydrated, and gorgeous. I was sleeping better, and waking up easily and rested. I have always had difficulty waking up in the morning, but I now easily and energetically get up as soon as my alarm goes off. My energy throughout the day was boosted so much that I no longer needed caffeine to sustain my energy during the day. I found my mood is greatly affected in a positive way. I love it!”

“Once I started taking Celergen, most of my joint aches and pain disappeared. My wife started taking it and her fibromyalgia has disappeared by 80-90% and she has more energy. I recommend Celergen to all my patients.”
– Dr. Robert Barr, San Jose, CA

“Some of my male patients reported improved libido and sexual performance, while some said it helped reduce joint pain and give them a better night’s sleep. There were others who couldn’t quite put a finger on exactly how they felt better, just that they had an overall improved sense of well-being. I know that something remarkable is definitely going on. I think Celergen marks the beginning of a new era in how we approach rejuvenating the human body. The possibilities are endless and exciting.”
– Dr. Bruce Lowell, Great Neck, New York

“What is special about Celergen is that it is not a pharmaceutical and yet it truly works on a cellular level to promote regeneration and can slow, if not reverse, the aging process.”
– Dr. Kenneth Orbeck, Greenville, SC

“I am very body aware and like to believe that I’m in peak health. I didn’t think I would notice any improvements at all, but that was not the case. Within two weeks, the tendonitis in my elbow disappeared. It was something that I had given up hope of ever getting rid of and Celergen made it completely go away. At my age, I had grown accustomed to having to mix up my workout regimen to allow for recovery from one day to the next. Now I can do a full-blown hour-long workout, come back the next day and do it all over again. As for my libido, Celergen has me believing that I’m a 20-year-old. It has definitely increased my performance.”