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My name is Dr. Stephanie Singer, and I am a board certified OB/GYN with my own private practice in Park City, Utah. I also trained with Cenegenics to become certified in Age Management Medicine.

I love life. I am actually one of those people that some love to hate because of my positive attitude, my abundance of energy, zest for everything that brings me joy, whether it’s a person, activity, trail race, vacation, meal, or night out with people I care about – it doesn’t matter – I love every single day- and it annoys some people.

I wasn’t always Polly Positive, you know. I grew up very poor and had to work after school to help my mom with the bills starting in my early teens, as she worked two jobs and then went back to get her college education later in her life. I did my best to stay out of too much trouble, as it was really easy to get mixed up with the wrong crowd in the inner city of New York back in the day. I wanted more for myself, so started college at 16; and dug in deep, and started my journey to become a medical doctor.

I studied diligently and applied myself, not really thinking health was all that important, eating bran muffins and bagels, but healthy fats were seen as a menace, as fat was the enemy in the 90s and carbohydrates were supposed to be your friend! I was not lean or fit, and between my part time job, and my studies, this young budding doctor wasn’t all that much fun to be around.

But then we learned that fat was not so bad, and what the unhealthy culprits of bad eating actually were, and I also started to find exercise to be fun, and these changes that I made gave me energy, instead of depriving me of it.

Why Defy The Odds?

Life is hard, and heartbreak is one helluva derailer. During my first year after residency, when I was only 30, my 27 year old sister died suddenly, and her bad habits I feel were contributory. This was clearly devastating, and was within a year of my grandmother dying in her sleep at 67 years young. You see, everyone seemingly dies young on my mother’s side of the family. My mother just died a few years ago at age 67 as well. The facts are simple: nearly everyone in my family smokes, thinks that bread and pasta are actual food groups and should be eaten with every meal, and so, hence, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, lung cancer and cardiac dysrhythmias are just expected, “so why fight it?” they would say.

Well despite these tragic losses, and life’s other inherent challenges over the years, I became a very successful OB/GYN and moved to the beautiful mountains of Utah and started my own private practice. I thought I was living my dream by the mid 2000’s and started to see the stress of private practice and my family’s medical history and risks weigh down on me.

I was exercising regularly, but not seeing the level of fitness I should have been with the diet and exercise that traditional medicine tells us is good. Diet coke was my bestie, and nonfat sugar-free coffee creamers and artificial sweeteners were still a daily staple, and no one was the wiser. I had hormonal and inflammatory changes by my late 30s which derailed me from being able to become pregnant, and I had more changes by my 40s which further disinhibited me from ever being the incredibly fit woman I now am at 51.

Something Needed to Change

I expanded my OB/GYN private practice and started a medical spa, so I can help women and men feel beautiful on the outside, but as my hormonal changes continued to trend in the direction of – dare I say it- menopause – I simply knew something needed to change. It is not just the balancing act of diet and exercise; hormones are the spark the fire needs to exist. I knew traditional medicine’s “one size fits all” model was dead; or needed to be.

We are all different individuals with specific needs and inherent genetics; each patient needs their own “Health Care Plan of Action”, not a pat on the head, with a prescription for a “happy pill” and sent out the door until the following year. This type of generic medical model had to stop for me as a physician, as I knew it was inherently wrong.

Cenegenics Changed my Life

I then became trained by Cenegenics in Age Management Medicine, and also became a patient. That was 4 years ago at 47 and I remain, at 51, incredibly fit; in the best shape of my life. More importantly, from a metabolic and hormonal perspective, I am today, the picture of heath and fitness, with a body that defies the odds of aging and time. I run marathons and did my first Ultra trail marathon at 50, and wake up nearly every day without an alarm clock. I love being naked and I love having sex, and want each and every patient to feel the way I do.

Cenegenics changed my life and can do the same for almost anyone with the want or the will to take that first step. My patients at Cenegenics Park City have my attitude too, as when you feel amazing, you can’t help but love life just that much more.

For all the haters: Call Cenegenics so you can be Polly Positive too; it’s never too late.

The article was written and contributed to Jetset Magazine by Dr. Stephanie Singer.

Dr. Stephanie Singer is a board certified private practice physician specializing in gynecology, obstetrics, gynecologic surgery, aesthetics, and age management medicine. Dr. Singer creates tailored programs customized to each patient to ensure lifelong goals are met and surpassed.

If you’re interested in the Cenegenics program, you may contact Dr. Singer directly at [email protected]; call Cenegenics at 877.562.1881 or visit www.cenegenics.com.