How to Have a Healthy Heart Part 4: The Heart of the Planet

On some level of existence, we are each sharing over seven billion worlds (through our hearts), and in a way, the consequences of each one of them.

What does the way a world functions say about its consciousness, its collective heart? What are the psychosocial effects? What is the heart’s meaning to all living things? Whatever we have been and wherever we are going, we can bridge the gaps in each other’s worlds with understanding through the heart.

Some say the true center of the planet is Hawaii, the heart chakra of the world. “Pu’uwai,” the Hawaiian word for heart, means “lump of water” or life energy. What kind of life energy is the heart of China, the heart of India, the heart of Japan, or the heart of the United States? How are these hearts different, and which have been transplanted, suffered trauma, are thriving or are in opposition with their brains? Or are we just a hardened heart civilization?

All events provide an opportunity to pause and reflect on what there is to learn and how to do things better. That’s heart-based thinking.

Things don’t happen to us. Things happen to show us our beliefs, our patterns. When we don’t have to be forced to look at the ways we have become so unbalanced, events won’t happen to force us back to a necessary equilibrium. Often times, the aftereffect the event created is exactly what we needed to be doing in the first place. Some examples include a storm that makes us remember what’s really important or makes us look at how dependent we are on certain energy sources, an injury that keeps us sitting home relaxing so we could heal previous injuries that we never took the time to heal, or a car accident that forces us to consider a new job we were thinking of leaving anyway but just never took action.

It’s sometimes said when someone displays a trait such as greed or power, that it’s just human nature. This is not human nature. This is a limited perception based on the belief that everyone will make the same choice in a given situation. There is only one nature and we are it, a part of the same cellular and instinctual intelligence. This can make us prone to similar behaviors if we do not investigate and cultivate our own. All human behavior is learned, subconsciously and consciously through the environment while growing up and also by cellular imprint patterns from parents and ancestors.

The combination of these two aspects, along with our own unique interpretation of these factors, often becomes our dominant traits, especially if there is no awareness of this fact and there are no tools to change them. These personality traits, along with other characteristics, are programmed into our DNA, and they can be programmed out. Everything can be programmed in and out, but not the self. The core self can never be programmed out. The experience of forgetting the self can surely be created, but it is always there, and the true self will always give signs that it is there, even if it is continually ignored.

The way the fitness industry has progressed into functional and core training is an amazing thing. It has turned holistic whether people realize it or not. When we say, “focus on your core,” we don’t mean just physically. Creativity is at the core of everything we do, and it is human nature. Purpose is human nature. Excitement and inspiration is human nature. Relationships are human nature. Without these foundations, what else can be built upon?

When we hear, “just love,” or, “think with your heart,” this shouldn’t be misunderstood as being soft. Heart energy is strong, wise and action oriented. In the same respect, a degree of passiveness and surrender is certainly a part of heart energy in the right context. Having a soft heart signifies weakness just as much as having a hardened heart does. The heart’s natural wisdom shows us the middle path. The expression “the heart of a lion” illustrates the all encompassing strength, resilience, caring and compassion of a fully-developed heart. This is the beingness of the heart, absent of philosophy. The self knows peace, but you must know the self, the heart and soul.

Carl Jung said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: If there is any reaction, both are transformed.” In the same literal way, if the people around us are to be transformed, that transformation is determined by us just as much as it is by them. This is exactly what can now be demonstrated such as in the studies being done at the Institute of HeartMath, proving how interconnected the hearts of the planet are. This is the sharing of common cellular memories through the eternal collective soul.

There was a man I knew whose mother learned Reiki, a Japanese energetic healing form. He asked her to go back to his past life to find answers to struggles he was experiencing in his current life. After her investigation, she reported that he had all the material possessions anyone could ever want, and at the surface, his life seemed complete, but something was missing. He had no meaningful relationships in his life, and he was very lonely. He certainly did have meaningful relationships in this life, so now the question for him was: how was he to blend these two aspects together?

Meaningful evolution is moving up the chakra system, up from the root, past the sex, past the gut, into the heart, into wisdom and into spirit for the discovery of ourselves. Evolution is inevitable. Many artificial boundaries must be put up to stop growth, and yet no matter how much struggle is put up, no matter how much strength is in the opposition to stop the growth, it always happens anyway. Even death is growth on another level, but my friend Jeff says no one properly prepares for their death in a way that benefits their soul, and there have been guides written on this.

So how does the collective heart really heal?

We cultivate the intangible and unlimited resources that we all inherently have – inspiration, emotion and creativity. We have gratitude for all the great advancements that have been made and we give unconditionally. Kahlil Gibran said “You cannot truly give from the heart unless you are independent.” Independence means that all survival and emotional needs are met. This is the law of the chakra system.

We have humor and face the facts. Laughter is the best medicine, as long as it does not mask what needs to be learned. Laughing during a tragedy can be helpful if it’s done in the proper context and does not take the place of compassion. It seems that during the hardest times, people are touched in their hearts. Facing the cold hard (heart) facts is essential to healing and making any type of substantial change. The heart tells it how it is.

We remain balanced, or, more accurately, in constant rebalancing. Just as too much water can kill us, too much excitement can, also. It is good to have just enough to take us off track so we can realign again. As Dr. Pearsall puts it, “. . . we are — like our heart — oscillating beings. Healing and well-being requires that we deny the brain’s version of reality just enough to enjoy life without constant fear, while at the same time accepting the necessity of life’s essential down times as spiritual nudges toward establishing a better and more adaptive fulcrum point in our life balancing act.”

We continue traveling and exploring, living in a completely new environment. The more unaware we are as to how environment can affect us, the more it does. Energetic communications are being exchanged all the time. Sickness is a form of unawareness. When an event happens, it signifies a whole system is sick or well, not just for a few individuals. Think about the split seconds when you were unaware and you got into an accident, caught that cold, or lost something. These are triggers that bring awareness to patterns or karma so they do not have to be repeated. Love helps complete these cycles. Love, nourishment and creativity from the mother, the heart, the earth, the self; that’s in all the species.