Jaime Lee: Fiercely Dedicated

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We begin our multi-issue focus on each of the four 2016 Miss Jetset runners-up with a look at the woman who finished in second place, Jaime Lee. Through her business, Jaime Lee Fit, Jaime uses her vast experience and knowledge as an ACE-certified personal trainer and decorated fitness competitor to push people to reach their full physical and mental potential. “To me success is an ongoing process of striving to become more,” Jaime says. “It is the opportunity to continually grow more emotionally, socially, spiritually, psychology, intellectually, and financially while contributing in some positive way to others.”

The New Hampshire-born realtor was always an active person — she played soccer growing up and exercised regularly — but once she began pursuing fitness full time, it felt like a revelation. She loved channeling her restless determination into something tangible, and once she began assisting others, she knew she had discovered her true calling. Today she takes pride in working hard to help everyone from new mothers to senior citizens achieve the body and mindset they desire. “I feel for them,” she says, “I also have gone through a transformation [Jaime lost over 20 pounds when she started competing], so it’s very exciting to see them so happy and proud.”

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Jaime, a BPI Sports sponsored athlete, offers a number of comprehensive, targeted meal plans and programs online (like “Glutes of Steel”) and loves assisting people who are training for bikini and fitness competitions, but her biggest pride comes from working one-on-one to directly help improve people’s lives. She shares the story of a woman who recently came to her who had battled cancer and was having a very difficult time losing weight. “She was at a point of frustration and near despair,” Jaime says. She describes assisting the woman through her transformation as “one of the most gratifying experiences of my life.”

Another major life highlight for Jaime was competing to become Miss Jetset. Her fierce competitive nature meant she wasn’t intimidated by the 12,000-plus women in the competition, and she says she was “honored to raise money for an organization like the B+ Foundation that does such amazing work for children.” When asked if it was bittersweet to go so far in the competition, only to come up one spot short of the title, she says she has no regrets: “All the women in the Top 5 were incredible and worked very hard; I was happy to finish among them.” Jaime is about as classy as they come.

Photo by Kai York

If you are among the many thousands who follow her on social media, you know that she loves to post inspirational quotes to motivate her supporters (“The difference between who you are, and who you want to be, is what you do,” “Set goals and deadlines, and do what ever it takes to achieve them”). For her, life is about doing what you can with your position to help others and motivate as many people as possible to reach their full potential. “The road to success is always under construction,” she says, quoting Tony Robbins, “it is a progressive course, not an end to be reached.”

To learn more about Jaime Lee and her road to success, visit JaimeLeeFit.com to see her comprehensive transformational programs and services.

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